MDaemon Mailbox to Google Workspace Migration – Is It A Good Idea?

Mike Lucanc | how to software technology | 5 minutes read | Modified on: 04-04-2023
mdaemon mailbox to google workspace

MDaemon Mail Server is the most viable option for small businesses to create their email account database. The app enables small business users to save their emails, mail folders, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, and other database items into local database. But in recent years, the immense growth and popularity of Google Workspace has compelled users to move to this application. One of the major reasons for this change is the facility provided by Google Workspace for storing users’ data on cloud server. So, there are many users who have migrated to this application but still there are numerous others who are searching for a quick and simple solution to migrate MDaemon mailbox to Google Workspace. So, here in this blog, we are going to discuss about the best possible solution for resolving following users’ queries, such as :

  • How do I transfer to Google Workspace from MDaemon?
  • Can I transfer my email to Google Workspace from MDaemon Server with attachments?
  • How do I import Emails into Workspace in Gmail from MDaemon WorldClient?

MDaemon & Google Workspace – Overview

With the latest technological advancements, many users prefer using cloud-based services offered by Google, which delivers the most trustworthy services currently. Gmail is the free emailing service provided by Google besides numerous other internet services.

With the availability of Google Workspace/ G Suite, business users are allowed to configure their business email accounts. These accounts will enable users to securely use them for carrying out the emailing tasks, via Gmail application. Besides that, since Google Workspace is cloud-supported application, users can easily access their data anywhere from Google cloud server.

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Additionally, MDaemon server is mostly preferred by small businesses, and may lead to major maintenance costs when trying to manage business expansion or scalability issues. Because of these few reasons, users are now moving away from their MDaemon client application to cloud apps (Google Workspace).

So, in this blog, we will discuss about the best technique to move MDaemon mailbox to Google Workspace. But first let’s find out

Why Switching from MDaemon Client to G Suite is Needed?

MDaemon enables users to store user mailboxes on their local system hard drive. It definitely helps them in saving a copy of their mailbox data locally, which can be used whenever required. But saving data on users’ local machine may have certain disadvantages too. Therefore, to avoid these problems and manage storage space more efficiently, it is better to transfer MDaemon data to cloud server, such as G Suite/Google Workspace. Now the question is

How to Move MDaemon User Data to G Suite Account?

MDaemon doesn’t provide any direct option to migrate its data to Gmail account. Neither Gmail support any such provision. So, what is the solution now? Don’t worry, using a professional third-party software, i.e. BitVare MDaemon Converter for Gmail, you can directly migrate MDaemon mailbox to Google Workspace account. The tool provides smart approach for moving complete MDaemon user data to Gmail/G Suite account including emails, contacts, calendars, notes etc. Its simple GUI is handy for both technical and non-technical users. there is no limitation on the number of MDaemon users you are migrating, MDaemon to Google Workspace migrator will transfer all them at once, in single processing. Now let’s follow the :

Step-by-step Procedure to Transfer MDaemon Users to Google Workspace

  • First of all download and install the software on your Windows machine
  • Add MDaemon files/folders using Select Files /Select Folders button
  • Tool will start loading MDaemon mailboxes in exact tree structure
  • Choose required folders for migration and hit next
  • Now from the select saving options drop down menu, choose G Suite from the list
  • Enter login credentials for your G Suite account, set required sub-options and press Connect button
  • The tool will start the MDaemon to Google Workspace migration process and displays its live progress report
  • After successful completion, it will open a new message window showing the message “Process completed successfully”.

Directly Transfer MDaemon User Mailboxes to G Suite Account

If you want to directly transfer MDaemon user profiles to Google Workspace account, then you can use MDaemon Email Backup Software. It allows to migrate MDaemon Cloud Server data to Gmail/G Suite account without any data loss. You can migrate multiple MDaemon user account mailboxes in single cycle, using batch Mode option of the software. You only need to have login credentials of both the source (MDaemon Server) and destination (Google Workspace) user accounts, and the tool will automatically extract complete MDaemon data for migration into intended target account. the tool is simple to use and doesn’t require any technical skills for performing the desired task.

Features of MDaemon to Google Workspace Tool

  • Supports bulk transfer of multiple MDaemon users in one go
  • Migrate entire MDaemon user mailbox data including emails, contacts, calendars, notes etc.
  • Easy to use application permits users to work effortlessly without any acquiring any technical skills
  • Maintains complete data integrity throughout the process
  • Preserve folder hierarchy precisely during MDaemon migration process to G Suite account
  • Move unlimited MDaemon files to G Suite account with no file size restrictions
  • No MDaemon installation required for performing migration task
  • Save log report of complete MDaemon to Google Workspace migration process
  • Numerous advance filters provide support for selective MDaemon data transfer
  • Suitable with all Windows (64bit and 32bit) OS editions – 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc and Windows Server editions – 2019, 2016, 2012 etc.


MDaemon Server enable users to download their mail account data to local system hard drive. But many times, they face a situation when they are required to switch to cloud-based services, such as Google Workspace. In this situation, they only search for an expert solution to automatically export MDaemon mailbox to Google Workspace. Using the above suggested professional solution, they can easily perform the desired task and resolve their query, i.e. “how do I migrate to Google Workspace from MDaemon”. For their support, the software is also available as a free demo edition for complete evaluation purpose. Using free demo tool, they are allowed to migrate first 25 items per MDaemon folder to Google Workspace account.