How to Export from Windows Live Mail to PDF for Forensic & Editing Purpose

Jyoti Sharma | Forensics how to | 4 minutes read | Last updated on June 4th, 2022,

Are you having necessity to solve how to export from Windows Live Mail to PDF query for complete examine & save in PDF as evidence? Then you are at right platform. In this blog, you can achieve a perfect solution that can easily help to learn how to export emails from Windows Live Mail to PDF Adobe documents with attachments and many more functions. So, rely on this write up till then and know the efficient process to save WLM emails to PDF without any issue.

There are lots of forensic officers, examiner & investigators and other users who have requirement to completely examine Windows Live Mail emails and also save them in PDF with attachments because lots of users would like to save their WLM emails to PDF Adobe documents to show them as evidence. PDF is a relevant file format and also used in all over the world.  Today, judiciary also permits for submitting evidence in digital form in court, & other organizations.

How to Export from Windows Live Mail to PDF with Perfect Forensic Tool

We know Windows Live Mail stores its mails in EML file format and users also save their WLM data in EML format for their future purpose. If you don’t have an idea to backup Windows Live Mail emails then firstly create a new folder on your system at any location then select all mails of Windows Live Mail. Now select WLM emails, drag them & drop into the newly created folder on your local system. These all mails are saved in EML format by default. To know how to export emails from Windows Live Mail to PDF Adobe documents, follow the given steps –

  • Select Windows Live Mail emails from saved location.
  • Click on Export button to choose PDF for saving mails in PDF.
  • Choose other desired options and click on Save button to start the process.
  • Migration will start and complete with a successful message.

The BitVare Software understands all your requirements for exporting Windows Live Mail emails in PDF file format. So it has launched a smart solution to smartly solve how do I save an email as a PDF in Windows Live Mail query. The program has lots of advanced & unique features to view & investigate Windows Live Mail mails data.

Yes, it provides multiple options – content, hex view, raw messages & message header option to examine EML files without Windows Live Mail. You can not only examine EML messages by multiple preview modes but also save its attachments, mail address & phone numbers of mails on your local system using its extract option and make smart investigation of WLM emails. To investigate email without Windows Live Mail, the program is powerful solution that has all beneficial functionalities and also provide option to save examined data in PDF format and other multiple file format & web apps. To know –

How to Investigate Email without Windows Live Mail & Save them in PDF

Follow the given stems to view EML files & Save as PDF without WLM –

  • Firstly, download the Windows Live Mail Converter software & launch it on your desktop screen.
  • Now select Windows Live Mail backup emails by provided two options –
  • The tool lists all selected files and provide complete preview in multiple modes. View & investigate mails –
  • Go with Extract option and choose options (attachments, phone numbers, mail address) and location to save selected items on your local system.
  • If you need to save some selective mails then you can also apply filters from advance search icon that helps to select some selective data from large database of WLM. You can skip this option.
  • Click on Export option and choose PDF as your saving option. You can also choose another option according to your need.
  • Choose other desired options and click on Save button.
  • Migration will start and complete with a successful note. You can directly view the output PDF file location by clicking on Open Folder.

Highlights of the smart Features for Email Investigation & Saving

  • To examine & view Windows Live Mail mails, you can utilize its multiple options –

Content – it provides complete view of mails with original layout.

Hex View – It helps to view EML data in binary format.

Message Header – It shows complete header details of mails.

Raw Messages – Display all data in complete HTML format.

  • Using its Extract option, you can save attached files, mails address & phone numbers of mails on your local system and completely check them for investigation.
  • Provides Advance Search option that supports multiple filters that find selective mails from large backup of mails to examine & save in PDF.
  • It can save attachments in separate folder and also with mails in PDF.
  • You can directly navigate to the resultant files after migration.
  • Maintains all mail properties during the process – images, hyperlinks, metadata, formatting, attachments, etc.
  • It supports all Windows OS to run the program – Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8.0, etc.
  • It has no limitations of mails for viewing & saving in PDF.


Not only the EML migration for Windows Live Mail is now simple by using the program but also viewing & examining mails of Windows Live Mail has become simple. Still, have doubt or query then download the program & try for free reading EML messages & save 10 mails in PDF at free of cost. So, you can try freely and know how to export from Windows Live Mail to PDF for free of cost.