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An Advanced EML to PDF migration tool to save & open EML files to PDF with attachments. The EML to PDF Converter Tool is effective for quick, safe, & advanced conversion outcome.

Compatible with all latest Windows OS

Virus & Safety Score: 100%

Why Choose BitVare's EML to PDF

This BitVare's EML to PDF Converter is an all-in-one solution. It is specially designed to import unlimited EML/EMLx files in a single go. The software will maintain all the email properties and Metadata, precisely. Hence, you will get a 100% accurate result with this application

EML to PDF Converter software box
  • Support bulk conversion of EML files to PDF.
  • Directly convert EML to PDF with attachments.
  • Dual option to upload EML/EMLx files in software for conversion.
  • Offers multiple file naming options to save the PDF files.
  • No file size limitation to save EML file as PDF.
  • Preview function for accurate conversion.
  • Extract Email Addresses, Phone Numbers & Attachments from EML or EMLx files.
  • Print EML/EMLx file to Adobe PDF directly.
  • Advance search option for selectively save EML file as PDF.
  • Supports all EML based mail clients like Windows Live Mail, eM Client, Thunderbird, etc.
  • Maintains Metadata properties and formatting.
  • Advance option to add page number in PDF
  • Suitable with all editions of Windows OS & Adobe Reader
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All-in-One EML to PDF Tool for all EML#EmailClients & #Adobe Reader

Advanced & HOT Options


Smart Preview Options

Check the preview facility that includes complete preview of email content, message headers, raw content, attachments, and hex view etc.

Extract Email Properties

The EML to PDF Converter tool to extract email address, email attachments, phone number, and associated email & phone numbers.

Search & Filters Options

The software provides advanced search and filters options for selective conversion of EML files into PDF file format.

Multiple File Naming Option

The software offers multiple renaming options so that users can simply save their output data as per their required formatting.

back up multiple IMAP email from a folder

Preview Functionality with Multiple Modes

BitVare's EML to PDF Converter solution offers a data preview function. This section shows the details of the required files. Users just need to click any loaded files and then the software will start showing its details such as:

  • Content
  • Message Header
  • Hex View
  • Raw Messages

Extract Email Elements

With the help of program, users can extract email properties for other operations. Users can extract elements like:

  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Attachments
Extract Attached files seperately

Search & Filters Options for Advanced File Conversion

The software allows converting data according to some filtration ranges. Users can set these ranges as per the requirement:

  • Search & Filter by Date
  • Search & Filter by Recipient/Sender’s address
  • Filter by Specific Folders
  • Filter by Subject/Message Content
  • Filter by Attachments and many more...

Customize File Names of Converted EML Files

This powerful software provides file naming conventions. With these conventions users can choose the required file naming option and save their EML files to PDF with exact file naming:

  • Subject
  • From-Subject
  • From-Date-Subject
  • Year-Month-Day-Hour-Minute-Second-Subject
  • Message-Auto Increment
  • Custom Naming
export .eml files to .pdf

Different Preview Options



Using Content option, you can view EML files with complete formatting (original mail layout & Structure.

Message Header

BitVare's EML to PDF tool helps to view message header details of EML files in an HTML formatting with accuracy.

Hex View

In this section, software shows EML files data in a numerical form. Multiple digits will show an individual character of words.

Raw Message

BitVare's EML to PDF Converter provide a “raw message” option to view entire information of EML files in HTML format.

More Features & Options

Outstanding Features of EML to PDF Converter Tool

Convert EML in PDF in Batch Mode

The EML Converter to PDF tool is an all-rounder tool to save EML file as PDF format. The Software allows to convert entire EML mailbox to PDF format in single time processing. The time-saver program saves batch EML files in Adobe PDF.

Separate Option for Extraction

In case, you need to extract some specific data from EML files then EML to PDF Converter has particular option for this. The “Extract” options helps users in extracting particular email addresses, Phone Numbers and Email Attachments from the EML files.

Watch Preview in Multiple Ways

The tool is an automated tool that display preview in multiple ways i.e. Content, Message Header, Hex View and Raw Message. In preview mode, you can see EML files in complete text form, header text or in binary form.

Save PDF File at Desirable Destination location

The EML to PDF Converter is an outstanding tool that allows you to set desirable location path to save the PDF file. Using this option, users can select the path to save the resultant PDF file. After the end of conversion, the tool automatically opens the selected location of converted PDF file.

Save PDF in Different Naming Styles

The EML to PDF Converter is a multi-tasking software that offer quick EML convert to PDF service. It offer set of file naming combination for saving resultant PDF file. Users can choose any of the naming option to save the PDF file. List of File Naming Option are:

  • Subject
  • From-Subject
  • Custom Naming
  • From-Date-Subject
  • Message-AutoIncrement
  • Year-Month-Day-Hour-Minute-Second-Subject

Option to Add Page Numbers in PDF

This All-Rounder Tool is specialized in moving EML files to PDF format. While save EML file as PDF format, you can enable “Show Page numbers in PDF” option. Using this option, users can add page no on the converted PDF file.

Enhanced Advanced Search Option

The EML to PDF Converter offer multiple facility to users while convert EML files to PDF format. The Advanced Search Option is one of the best and unique option available in the tool. Using this option users can search EML files by Name, Subject, Date, CC, Time, Content, From/To, Has Attachments, File Size, Property ID, Property Name and Property Value.

Save Attachments to folder

The EML to PDF Converter provides quick and direct EML files to PDF conversion result. The software allows users to save EML attachments to folder. For utilizing this option, users have to enable “Save Attachments to Folder” option.

Keeps Email Attributes Intact

The automated EML to PDF Converter is programmed with multiple advanced option. The EML File Converter program export EML to PDF with original subject, header and message content body. The integrity of EML files remain intact throughout the conversion process.

Supportable on Windows Operating System

BitVare's EML to PDF Converter is designed by experienced professional to fulfill EML convert to PDF file format need. The software is supportable on Windows Operating System of 32 bit and 64 bit including all editions such as Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.

Flexible EML File to PDF Conversion

The Tool has all the required options which are necessary to save EML file as PDF along with attachments. The benefit of using EML to PDF Converter tool is that you can pause, stop and resume in between the procedure. The attempt of Pausing the migration process does not cause any data loss.

Simple & Effective Migration

The EML to PDF conversion tool is designed to convert multiple EML files to PDF with simple steps which anyone can easily operate it. The EML to PDF tool supports simple, advanced & safe migration process.

Download BitVare's EML to PDF Tool

*Download the Free Demo Version that will Backup 10 EML Messages/Folder into PDF.

More Export Benefits

PDF Export Options for Advanced EML to PDF Conversion

Open Folder After Export

The software understands users’ all requirements so while selecting desired options, it provides Open Folder after Export is done option. As you select this option, the software will automatically navigate to resultant PDF file folder and you don’t need to open it manually. Sometimes, users doesn’t remember the saving location & they face difficulties to find the way for reaching output files.

Delete Old Folder

The Software provides Delete Old Folders in destination option that works for those users who don’t want to maintain their old data file folder after completing the migration. Therefore, select this option if you like to do the same otherwise you can skip this option. Basically, the software enables to generate new PDF files from EML messages. It doesn’t overwrite the previous files data.

Include Email Headers

The EML to PDF Converter software is created after well observing of users’ entire necessities for converting .eml messages into .pdf Adobe documents. The program include Email Headers option that maintains all mail header details (To, Bcc, Cc, From, Subject, Date, Time, etc.) after conversion is done in PDF. You can also skip this option if you don’t want to do it.

File Naming Option

The Software has multiple File naming options – Subject, From- Subject, From- Date- Subject, Message Auto Increment, Custom Naming, Year-Month- Day- Hour- Minute – Second – Subject. Choose any option according to your need and maintain PDF file with File naming option for better securing & examine. This option helps for forensic investigators to properly maintain data for EML files examination.

Save Attachments to Folder

The software is a powerful method that flawlessly print all EML files to PDF Adobe documents. Sometimes, users have need to save mails’ attachments separately but they can’t. At this time, the software has Save Attachments to Folder option that helps to save EML emails attachments in separate folder. If you have no need to save attachments separately then you can skip this option as well.

Show Page Numbers in PDF

When the tool completes the migration process, in case you want to maintain the page numbers of your resultant PDF file then you can utilize the Show Page Numbers in PDF option. It will provide a specific number of each PDF file ( and show page number in each PDF file. This option helps to manage & help you to find out the exact data.

Video for EML to PDF Migration

Watch Working Video for saving EML files to PDF in Batch

Learn how to save EML to PDF in action by the working video.


System Requirements for EML to PDF Converter

System Requirements

Processor 1 GHz Processor(Recommended - 2.4 GHz)

Operating System Windows 11(32/64 bit) & All Below Versions.

Memory 512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk 100 MB of free space

Software Delivery

Electronic Yes

License & Version

Personal License Activation 2 PC / Laptop

Business License Activation For 10 PC / Laptop

Enterprise License Activation For Unlimited PC

Version 3.0

Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Installation & Un-installation:


Utilize the Free Technical Assistance

For users’ assistance, our technical team is available 24*7 hours that provides complete support, solution & good resources. Order the license version that fulfil your necessities. Utilize the tool for Safe & Secure migration process.

Download the Software & utilize the free demo that helps to know how to convert EML Files to PDF for free. In trial edition, you can freely check the complete working of the migration process. After satisfying with free demo, you can upgrade to license edition for unlimited conversion.

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Quick Guide


01 Download the BitVare's EML to PDF Tool

Install, Launch, and open the software on your Windows Operating System.

open Email converter Software

Open Option – Through the option, one can avail “Choose Files”, choose folders, and choose from recent files to load EML files.

Add Files/Add Folders Option – In this option, you can instantly upload single as well as multiple EML files for conversion.

Select email files

After uploading the EML files, users can check preview of EML files in four different ways i.e.

Content – In this section, you can view a complete EML file data with all details & information.

Message Header – In this option, shows only the message header details of a particular message in HTML format.

Hex View – A complete data of EML file will open in binary form.

Raw Message – Capable to display entire email file message with details in HTML formatting.

view email folders

Hit on Extract button to extract Email Address, Phone Number and Attachments.

Note: If any case you only need to save few attached files, then this option help you to extract email address, phone number, and attachments.

preview email messages

Go to Search icon showing on top right side of software screen. It will provide you two options.

All – enables to convert by applying date-range facility.

Emails – enables to import by setting – Name, Subject, from, to, CC, date range, time and content.

extract phone numbers

Now, press the Export button and choose the PDF output saving options from the list. And also applied other sub-options as per requirements

preview email messages

After the selection of output saving option, click on the “Change” button to select the destination path to save the exported data items.

preview email messages

Now, click on Save button to start the conversion process. During the process, the software will show the process and displays Pause and Stop buttons as well in case user needs to stop or pause the process for personal reasons.

extract phone numbers

When the process successfully completes, software will appear new screen “Demo edition allows 10 files for conversion”. Tap Ok and the tool will automatically take you to specified location where it has saved the resultant file.

extract phone numbers

Customer Review

Know What Our verified Users are Saying About BitVare's EML to PDF Converter Tool

The Tool is the best software that saves EML files to PDF in a perfect manner. I was planning to change from EML to PDF, so I used this utility to convert my whole EML data to PDF without facing any problem.

Jared Lee
Blaine M. McHaney

I was searching for a fast and safe method for converting EML files to PDF and found this amazing product suggested by various experts on forums. Then, at that point, I chose to check it out, and fortunately it worked superbly.

Luisa R. Dalke
HR, New Jersey

BitVare's EML to PDF Converter Tool is an outstanding application that helps lots of novice users in converting their EML email files to PDF document format with attachments. I am totally satisfied with the quick service.

Patricia L. Flynn
Editor, PCMag



Yes, the EML to PDF Converter software provides options to select large amount of EML files to convert them into file extensions like PDF.

The tool is safe and simple to convert all email files. This tool offers all required options and sections through which you can convert your EML files without technical knowledge. Its steps are designed in a simple interface so that every user can easily understand its procedure.

Yes, the EML to PDF Converter can export EML files into PDF files with all file properties like attachments, images, and other Meta details. You just need to follow the same procedure and the tool will provide options related to every aspect of this file conversion process to save every element of all EML files.

No, the converter supports large data EML file conversion process. With this software, you will get both single file selection and batch data selection options. You can choose single EML with large-size data or choose multiple files with large-size files.

The tool never saves any kind of data into the software source file. It can just convert EML to PDF and save data on the destination path which you have selected for the process. Yes, you can convert important or confidential EML files with this software as it is the safest mode to convert EML files.

To test the software you need to download its free or demo version. This will let you view the steps by step procedure of the software with some limitations. The complete conversion procedure can be only done with the licensed edition. But, with this free version, you can analyze this software with like EML to PDF conversion procedure.

The tool is perfectly designed for Windows OS. It supports all latest as well as previous versions of Windows OS including Windows OS 11.

Demo Edition that meet your requirements

Download the free demo edition that can be handled to check its components.

Free BitVare's EML to PDF Converter Tool
*Download trial of the software for Free to import first 10 files into desired file format.
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