End User License Agreement (EULA)

Know all about lawful agreement between you (user) and BitVare

This legal End User License Agreement is a binding agreement between the user of the software and BitVare Software. The user of Software (“either an individual or an entity or an organization or company”). This BitVare Software EULA is applicable for all successor upgrades, revisions, patches, fixes, modifications, copies, additions or maintenance releases of the BitVare Software and any license of BitVare Software (All Software Offers and Editions), related user documentation, and explanatory materials or files provided in written, "online" or electronic form (the "Documentation" and together with the Software and Updates, the "PRODUCT" or the "Distribution Package").

Terms and Conditions to the End-User

By this BitVare Software EULA, we would like to share with you the complete Terms and Conditions for the use of BitVare Software Products. If you Denied the agreement of terms and conditions, then you are not allowed to COPY, DOWNLOAD, INSTALL OR DISTRIBUTE the copy of the BitVare Software. The BitVare Software Product can be utilized after only the Agreed Terms and Conditions.

Electronic Communication Intellectual Property Rights

All Rights of any kind are reserved by BitVare Software. All Rights include all expressed and not expressed rights in this license. Users may not be allowed to use the BitVare software with multiple users unless Users have purchased multi-user licenses of BitVare Software.

National Copyright Laws and International Treaties application to all BitVare Software tools and related documentation and the distribution packages of software also covered in these laws. Any unauthorized use of BitVare Software product or products is considered as the termination of this EULA or other agreement and may result in Criminal or Civil Prosecution or Both Criminal and Civil Prosecution.

Purchasing, Downloading, Installation of any BitVare Software product does not transfer any title to the Intellectual Property in any Software or Product, and you cannot acquire any right in the Software or Product except as expressly set forth in this agreement.


All Products, Software are owned by BitVare Software and are protected by Copyright law so you are not allowed to remove or conceal any Notice related to Proprietary, Labels of Software.

License Usability – Scope of License Type Issued

Single User License (Single PC License): In Single User license or Single PC license you can use the PRODUCT for non-commercial purposes in non-business, non-commercial environment as per the Agreement guidelines. This permit procures the non-restrictive and non-adaptable right to introduce and enact programming on single PC.

Multi-User License (Multi-PC license / Business / Corporate Clients/ Educational Institutes/Government Organizations/Defence Establishments): Business licenses are entitled to use on unlimited PC within the same geographic location only. For unlimited use of software globally, you need to purchase the Enterprise license.

Registration Code

A unique code of the product will be transferred to you by BitVare. This code confirms the purchase of BitVare Software. It also includes License information, agreements, and enabling the full functionality of the software in accordance with the agreement.

The Registration Code given to you by BitVare Software comprises private exclusive data of BitVare Software. For purposes concerning this, you make a deal to avoid transferring, copying, disclosing, giving, or in any case make accessible such private data in any structure to any outsider without the earlier composed assent of BitVare Software. You consent to carry out sensible safety efforts to secure such classified data given to you by BitVare Software.

Warranty Disclaimers and Liability Limitations

No Warranty is applicable for any or all software, files, data, online & offline materials. Even the warranty is expressed by the software provider. The recovered data quality is not covered in any kind of warranty promises. You recognize that great information preparing methodology directs that any program, including programming, should be completely tried with noncritical information before there is any dependence on it, and you truly expect the whole danger of all utilization of the duplicates of programming covered by this License.

This disclaimer of guarantee establishes a fundamental piece of this License. What's more, on no occasion does BitVare Software approve you or any other individual to utilize programming in applications or frameworks where programming inability to perform can sensibly be anticipated to bring about a huge actual physical issue, or in the death toll. Any such use is altogether at your own risk, and you consent to hold BitVare Software innocuous from all possible cases or misfortunes identifying with such unapproved use.

Final Statement

All rights not expressly granted here are reserved by BitVare Software.