How to Print Google Takeout to PDF for printing Legal Discovery, Data, Examine Email

Mike Lucanc | Forensics software | 3 minutes read | Modified on: 10-02-2022

Did you know Google Takeout permits you to send out an identical of content in your Gmail Account for backup or to use the emails outside Gmail? Believe it or not, there is a service which is called Google Takeout. With the service, you can download Gmail emails on your hard drive or any application. When the forensic team and security professionals team up together and examine Gmail email data, they frequently use the Google Takeout service.

But what if someone wants the Google Workspace data for offline reading or legal investigation? Well for that situation, you will require third-party help. When a user downloads Gmail account emails using the Google Takeout feature, it saves all data in the .zip folder. When you extract files from the .zip folder, you will get all the Gmail mailbox in the .mbox file format.

Here we recommend a dedicated solution to convert the Google Takeout into a format that is more common and has gigantic compatibility like PDF format. Check out the ultimate solution Google Takeout to PDF converter.

How Can I Print Google Takeout Emails to PDF with Attachments?

I have recently taken backup from my Google Workspace using Google Takeout. But the point is now I urgently want to print them from sharing because forwarding it with email service won’t work. Also, I need to make some corrections and add some comments before printing. What should I do to overcome this situation?

The solution to this problem is very easy – print Google Takeout emails into an editable PDF file format. Like this, you can print, edit and share your data without any problem.

Here’s is a link to Download MBOX Converter that will surely resolve your problem. This Mac MBOX Converter easily Google Workspace MBOX Files to PDF format without any problem and limitations. Besides, you can print Google Takeout attachments as PDF too with it.

How to Convert Google Takeout to PDF?

1 – Download Data from Gmail using Google Takeout

2 – Run, BitVare MBOX Converter

3 – Upload Google Takeout mailbox

4 – Select PDF from given export options and press the export button

5 – Google Takeout to PDF migration process started

Why Use BitVare MBOX Converter to Print Google Takeout to PDF?

There are so many solutions available in the market, but users only need that solution that can fulfill their needs and provide guaranteed results. MBOX Converter is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. You can say Bitvare MBOX Converter is the best of both worlds. Mac MBOX Converter tool allows you to comfortably on Mac OS. This Tool is compatible with Gmail Takeout convert in single emails with multiple file naming options. You can effortlessly Bulk Print Gmail Takeout emails to PDF on Mac and Windows. The above suggested MBOX Converter Tool is programmed to convert Google Takeout emails to PDF without any error. The tool will assure 100% data integrity and Maintain folder structure and attached files while converting Google Takeout to PDF on Mac and Windows.