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#1 Exceptional Solution to Export Zimbra On-Premise & Cloud-Hosted Mailboxes

#Migrate Zimbra Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks & Other Items

#Supports Zimbra Mailbox Migration into 25+ Saving Options

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#All Windows operating system versions are supported.

The Two-in-One Zimbra Mail Converter Solution

How BitVare Zimbra Converter is different from other Zimbra Mail Converter

Zimbra On-Premise Mailboxes


The Zimbra TGZ Converter supports Zimbra on-premises mailboxes that are in TGZ format. By choosing the option, one will be able to successfully export Zimbra TGZ files & folders into required saving option without any difficulty.


Zimbra Cloud Hosted Mailboxes


The Zimbra Mail Converter utility provides the opportunity to directly export Zimbra cloud hosted mailboxes as well. It will be an easy option for those who wants to move Zimbra cloud database right away into necessary webmail account or desktop-based file format.

#Why to Choose BitVare Zimbra Converter Utility?

How to Convert Zimbra files

Provide Item Categories to Export Selective Item

The Zimbra TGZ Converter has the Categories section with the help of which users can export specific Zimbra mailbox item into required saving option. It includes –

  • Mail
  • Contacts
  • Contacts
  • Briefcase
  • Task

Delivers Advanced Filter Options for Selective Conversion

The Zimbra Converter Advanced Filter Options will offer two sections i.e. All Items and Apply Filters.

  • All Items - Allow users to migrate all Zimbra mailboxes without apply any specific criteria or filters.
  • Apply Filters - Allows using date range, to, from, subject, etc. to export selective Zimbra database into required saving option.
How to Convert MSG files
Effective MSG migration solution

Avail Required Option to Load Zimbra TGZ Files/Folders

Avail Required Option to Load Zimbra TGZ Files/Folders

  • Add Files – It will help users loading required Zimbra TGZ files on the tool.
  • Add Folders – Allows to add multiple Zimbra TGZ folders on the tool for batch conversion.
  • Add Extracted TGZ Items- It enable users to add the already extracted items of TGZ files on the software.

#5 Easy Steps to Convert Zimbra Desktop & Cloud Mailboxes

The incredible Zimbra Converter utility is a time-saving solution as it will help users to perform Zimbra conversion very quickly and accurate.

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Working Steps

Unbelievable Features of BitVare Zimbra Converter Tool

Apply Phenomenal Features of Zimbra TGZ Converter to Get the Desirable Output

Capable to Export Zimbra-On Premise Database

The advanced Zimbra TGZ Converter application provides the options to export Zimbra On-Premise mailboxes directly either on desktop or cloud-based services. By choosing the option, one will be able to load TGZ files/folders/extracted TGZ items on the software. However, the option will help users to convert exported Zimbra TGZ items into required saving option.

Option to Migrate Zimbra Cloud Hosted Mailboxes

The Zimbra Mail Converter provides an ease to those users who wants to straightaway move Zimbra cloud mailboxes locally or on other cloud-based application. Once the option is chosen by them, then they need to just provide its credentials and server details. After this, they can choose the necessary saving type and directly transfer all Zimbra files to needed saving option without data loss.

Able to Migrate Zimbra TGZ Mailboxes on Cloud

The Zimbra TGZ Converter will provide the cloud options as well so that users can upload their important Zimbra documents on the same right away. It offers Office 365, IMAP, Gmail, G Suite, Exchange Server, Outlook.com, and more. Users only need to provide the necessary details of the same and then the app will directly migrate Zimbra data to cloud.

Supports Multiple Desktop-Supported Options

Zimbra Mail Converter possesses desktop-supported saving options in which users can save their important database. It includes PST, PDF, MSG, EML, MHT, HTML, DOC, TXT, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, etc. However, users can choose them as per their requirements and perform the process accordingly.

Get help of Preview Option to Check Zimbra Files

The Zimbra Converter is equipped with a Preview section that help users to view the data of required Zimbra file before the execution of Zimbra conversion. However, to perform the process, users first need to load required TGZ files on the tool. Once they are loaded on the software pane, users can then click the necessary TGZ item and its associated data will be quickly shown on a Preview window.

Supports Batch Zimbra Mailbox Migration at Once

Performing the conversion of Zimbra mailboxes in a batch is easier now. Because, the Zimbra Mail Converter will provide users the option to batch export Zimbra mailboxes at once. To do the same, go to Add File(s) and then choose Add Folders button. Now, upload the folder on the application containing multiple TGZ files. The tool will scan the same and list of all of them on the software pane. After this, export them into required saving type at once without difficulty.

Provides the Option of vCard to Save Zimbra Contacts

Zimbra TGZ Converter delivers the option of vCard to save Zimbra contacts. Because, there are plenty of users who sometimes need to extract only the crucial contacts from Zimbra in spite of implementing the entire conversion. So, by choosing the Contacts filter and picking the vCard type from Select Saving Options will help users to save Zimbra contacts into vCard format with accurate details.

Offers the Option of ICS to Save Zimbra Calendars

Zimbra Converter included the option of ICS as well for those who wants to export only Zimbra calendars. It is one of the biggest advantages for Zimbra users as they sometimes wants to share the calendar details with others and due to the incompatibility they find difficulty doing that. So, the ICS option will provide ease to them helping them storing the calendar data locally without any trouble.

Ability to Export Zimbra Briefcase & Tasks Items

The Zimbra Mail Converter is not limited to emails, contacts, and calendars. But, also provides the opportunity to export other Zimbra items as well such as Briefcase & Tasks. So, one can effortlessly perform the conversion and get the accurate data after transferring the briefcase & tasks into required saving option.

Maintains Zimbra Folder Structure & Data Integrity

The Zimbra Converter is a desirable solution as it is built-up in a way that caters each and every requirement of users. Thus, users do not need to worry about their database when utilizing the application. Because, no matter what, if you have few files for conversion or unlimited files to export. The tool will make sure to protect the originality of each and every item and show the results with 100% accurate formatting properties & correct folder structure.

BitVare Zimbra Mail Converter – Working Video

Watch Complete Live Video to Know How to Export Zimbra Mailboxes

Zimbra Converter Software - System Specification

Know Minimum System Requirements to Launch Zimbra Mail Converter Tool

Software Download

File Size: 55 MB

Version: 21.0

Trial Limitations

Trial version will export first 25 files from each TGZ item. Upgrade to license edition for Unlimited Migration

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
55 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB RAM

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008

Electronic Delivery

The delivery of BitVare Zimbra Converter is automatic. You will get an email with a link to download the product and the activation key after your payment is validated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know What Users Ask About Zimbra Converter Software

Follow the steps to backup Zimbra email in Gmail –

  • STEP-1 : Download Zimbra Converter and select the required option. Click Next.
  • STEP-2 : If you have chosen Zimbra On-premise mailboxes option, then you need to go to Add File(s) option to add TGZ files/folders/extracted items. If Zimbra Cloud Hosted Mailboxes is selected, then you need to enter the Zimbra Server details.
  • STEP-3 : Now, as per the option of Zimbra On-premise Mailboxes, the tool will start analyzing the selected TGZ folders and list them on the tool.
  • STEP-4 : You can view the data of necessary Zimbra mailbox by clicking the required TGZ item listed on the application.
  • STEP-5 : Go to Export and choose the Gmail option from Select Saving Options property.
  • STEP-6 : Enter Gmail email ID and app password and hit Convert button.
  • STEP-7 : The process will immediately take place and then after it gets finished, users will receive “Conversion Done Successfully”.

Yes, you can easily export Zimbra contacts to vCard with the help of Zimbra TGZ Converter. You just need to choose the Contact category from the Category section and then select vCard from Select Saving Options property. After this, you can hit Convert button and then the app will start to export Zimbra contacts to vCard.

You can first set the saving option. After that, come to the section of Advance Filter Options. Choose to Apply Filters radio button and then again hit Apply Filters property. You will see a date range option. Set the date according to your requirement and click OK. After this, press Convert button. The tool will start the process quickly and help you accessing Zimbra mailboxes of December 2022 month without any difficulty.

  • STEP-1 : Open Zimbra Converter and select Zimbra On-Premise Mailboxes.
  • STEP-2 : Go to Add File(s) to load required Zimbra TGZ files/folders & extracted TGZ items.
  • STEP-3 : The tool will scan the selected Zimbra data mailboxes and list them on the left software pane.
  • STEP-4 : You can choose the necessary file to read in a Preview section if you want.
  • STEP-5 : Go to Export and select Exchange Server option from Select Saving Options.
  • STEP-6 : Provide the required details of Exchange Server and then hit Convert button.
  • STEP-7 : The process will quickly start and end the procedure by showing the message on the screen i.e. Conversion Done Successfully.

Yes, you can export unlimited Zimbra mailboxes by utilizing Zimbra Converter. You can create a folder and save all the necessary Zimbra files in the same. After this, you can use Add Files option and then go to Add Folders property. Load the recently created folder and export all its files into required saving option without any error interruption.

The Zimbra Mail Converter has a freeware version through which you can check the conversion for free. It will help you exporting first 25 files from each TGZ item free of cost. Also, you can gain the practical experience of the tool without any charges.

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