MBOX to PST Converter Mac & Windows

Convert MBOX files to PST with attachments & other smart & advanced functions. Migrate the MBOX mailboxes to PST on Mac and Windows OS. It helps convert MBOX to PST from Thunderbird, Gmail, Entourage, SeaMonkey, Spicebird, Evolution, Eudora, Netscape, OperaMail, etc.

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Compatible with all latest Windows OS

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Why Use MBOX to PST Converter Tool?

Best tool to convert MBOX emails to PST format without any hassles. Experts verified MBOX to PST Converter for Mac and Windows software ensures 100% data integrity and security of your MBOX files during, and after migration.

MBOX to PST converter
  • Bulk migrate MBOX files to PST format with complete data.
  • Perform migration of selective MBOX files into PST format.
  • Maintains entire folder structures during the conversion process.
  • Supports conversion from MBOX based email clients: Thunderbird, The Bat!, Evolution, Netscape, Apple Mail, Gmail to PST.
  • Users friendly Interface for Non-technical users.
  • Users will able to install a software in multiple language.
  • Supports all Windows OS editions such as 11, 10, 8.1, etc.
  • Offers free evaluation copy to analyse the software.
  • Allows to convert single as well as multiples MBOX files to PST.
  • Offers Advanced Search and Filters options.
  • Allows to extract Email Addresses, Phone Number, and Attachments from MBOX to PST file Outlook 2021.
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Advanced MBOX to PST Converter supports entire MBOX #EmailClients & #Webmail Apps

Advanced & New Options

Smartly Import MBOX Files to PST

Batch Export MBOX to PST Mac

The MBOX File to PST for Mac Tool supports a batch function for the users to export MBOX folders to PST format in bulk.

Supports MBOX Email Apps

By using this program, users can export data from any MBOX supported email clients to PST file format without any issue.

Preview MBOX Emails in Different Ways

The software facilitates amazing features for brief viewing of MBOX emails in 4 different types.

Advance Filters to Perform MBOX to PST Conversion

While performing the conversion process, users will get the benefit of applying various filters.

batch mbox files to pst

Batch Export from MBOX to PST

The MBOX to PST for Mac and Windows Software offers amazing batch functionality using which users can export their bundles of MBOX mailbox folders to PST in a single round of process only. While accessing the software, you will get the two options of adding MBOX files : Add File or Add Folder. Using the Add Folder option, you can import a bunch of MBOX emails saved in folders/ sub-folders for transferring into the PST Outlook application at one time.

The batch option of this program will help out to save your precious time and energy. It is highly capable for exporting bulk MBOX email folders to PST within a limited time.

Supports all MBOX Based Email Apps

This solution is one of the superb ways to save email data from MBOX to PST file format without any single error. It can save your MBOX emails from any MBOX supported email clients to PST format. It means the tool supports all MBOX based email applications, some of the popular ones are listed below:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • PocoMail
  • Apple Mail
  • Entourage
  • Eudora Mail
  • Netscape
  • SeaMonkey
  • Opera Mail
  • Evolution
all mbox files supported mail apps
preview mbox emails

Preview MBOX Emails in Different Ways

After adding the MBOX data files into the software screen, users have a golden chance to collect the brief preview of the loaded emails. The software provides the facility to check the preview of emails in 4 different ways i.e.

  • Content – Get the preview of MBOX emails with original text formatting.
  • Message – Under this section, you have a chance to preview MBOX data in HTML formatting.
  • Hex – In this section, you can see multiple bytes that constitute the characters of the MBOX emails.
  • Raw – In this mode, you can preview complete details of MBOX emails in HTML formatting.

Advance Filters to Perform MBOX to PST

The Software provides fantastic filters for moving any specific MBOX emails to PST format. These filters is described below:

  • Date: In this filter, you can get your PST output data from MBOX according to the specific date range.
  • Emails: Under this email filter, you will get the 4 type of sub-filters i.e. Name, Subject, From/To, and Cc.
  • Content: In this content filter, you can add any content to find email messages with specified content, for exporting to PST format.
  • File Name: You can also add the file name for moving any specific file from MBOX to PST in PST format.
  • File Size: In file size filter, you can add the file size for converting MBOX files to PST according to the specified file size.
  • Attachment: This filter will enable users to export MBOX emails with or without attachments to PST.
MBOX files to PST

Different Preview Options

Advance Ways to View MBOX Files for PST


The tab gives the exact detailed preview of a selected email with accurate formatting properties and layout.

Message Header

Clicking on the tab will give you the complete preview of selected email header information in HTML formatting.

Hex View

The HEX View tab will show you the entire information of a particular email with every detail in a form of bytes.

Raw Message

Raw Message will give an accurate preview of the entire email file with all the associated details in HTML formatting.

More Options & Features

Advanced Features of MBOX to PST Tool

Batch Saving of MBOX to PST

One of the best features of MBOX to PST Converter for Mac Tool is its batch file conversion mode. This mode of the software helps to convert unlimited MBOX files within one time processing way. To add batch MBOX files, Choose Folder option is the exact way to add that folder where all email files are stored.

Preview Mode for Loaded Emails

Preview section of the software helps to view all loaded or selected email files. This tool also provides some advanced options for the preview section. It allows users to check loaded email files in four ways including Content view, Message Header view, Hex View, and Raw Message view. This section will lead users to convert only required MBOX files into PST by utilizing this amazing software.

MBOX to PST with Destination Selection Option

Destination path for converted MBOX files can be selected by any user. This option lets users choose a location from the computer system for their processed email data. This will help users to find all files after the conversion of MBOX to PST files.

Extract Options for MBOX Data

Extraction section of the MBOX to PST Tool allows extracting email properties from MBOX files. With this option, extraction of Email Address, Phone Number, and Attachments can be possible with easy. The extraction section is located on the top menu of the software with these three options.

Email Properties with Accurate Structure

This software works perfectly with all types of MBOX files and changes all files into PST files. It maintains the structure of every MBOX folder or file so that after the conversion of email data, anyone can easily understand the converted files. No change in the formatting during the conversion of files will help users to get exact data with complete accuracy.

Exceptional Filtration Section

By utilizing the MBOX to PST Converter software, users have the choice to convert MBOX files with filtered data. This section of the software allows to export selective data according to their Dates, Name, Subject, From/To, CC, Date, Time, Content, Has Attachments, File Name, File Size, Property ID, Property Name, and Property Value.

Simple to Handle MBOX to PST Conversion

The MBOX to PST tool provides options for instant conversion with simple steps. The view of all procedural steps of the tool is designed with a simple interface. Both professionals and non-professionals can easily understand and manage the options of this advanced MBOX to PST Converter utility.

Perfect Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS

The tool allows following the MBOX to PST file conversion procedure with Windows and Mac OS. It provides compatibility with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and all other Windows OS. Mac MBOX to PST Converter can be installed on any Mac OS edition.

Safe for MBOX to PST Conversion

The MBOX to PST utility is the safest way to get your email data into PST file format. This advanced utility can work offline after its downloading and installation procedure. With this functionality, users can process their important email files securely and also process large-size MBOX email files within the same procedure.

Independent Software to Process MBOX Data

No need to download or install any email client (MS Outlook, Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) to perform this file conversion procedure. The tool is capable to convert all MBOX files with all details of files independently.

Download MBOX to PST Tool

*The Free MBOX to PST Conversion Trial Version will save 10 Messages from each folder.

Video for MBOX to PST Migration

Watch Video of MBOX to PST Converter

Watch working video to know how to export MBOX files to PST in simple steps.


System Requirements for MBOX to PST Tool
System Requirements

Processor 1 GHz Processor(Recommended - 2.4 GHz)

Operating System Windows 11(32/64 bit) & All Below Versions. For Mac OS (X OS 10.8 Mountain Lion and all the latest Editions).

Memory 512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk 100 MB of free space

Software Delivery

Electronic Yes

License & Version

Personal License Activation 2 PC / Laptop

Business License Activation For 10 PC / Laptop

Enterprise License Activation For Unlimited PC

Version 1.0

Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Installation & Un-installation:

Customer Review

What Verified Users are saying About MBOX to PST for Mac and Win Tool

I have no regrets choosing MBOX to PST for backing up my old MBOX folders in PST format. The tool take backup of my entire MBOX folder to PST in just blink of an eye. To my amazement, the mail properties and folder structure of MBOX files remain same even after the conversion.

IT Admin, Clook

The MBOX to PST for Mac tool really helps me a lot. I have an urgent business need to convert bunch of Mac MBOX files to PST format. Then I came across MBOX to PST for Mac Tool. Believe me! The software is blessing for those users who have an urgent requirement like me. Must try the tool for quick conversion.

HR, New York

I was looking for a tool that creates separate PST file for my MBOX file. The MBOX to PST tool is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The software provides quick service with 100% accurate outcomes. I recommend this allrounder tool to all the users who wants instant solution with accuracy.

Editor, DailyTimes

Commonly Asked Questions by Users

QCan I migrate my entire MBOX folder to PST in one turn?

Yes, you can migrate unlimited MBOX folder to Outlook PST in one turn. There is no limitation on quantity of files exported prescribed by the MBOX to PST tool.

QHow much time does it take to migrate MBOX files to PST format?

The time of completion of MBOX to PST conversion depends upon the quantity and size of MBOX files you are exporting to PST.

QWhat is the use of “Delete old folders from destination” option in the MBOX to PST Tool?

If you want to move MBOX files to PST with the replacement of old destination folders then you need to enable “Delete old folders from destination” before starting the export MBOX to PST process. The option helps you in creating the new PST folder and replacing the old one.

QI want to create separate PST file for each MBOX file. How can I do it with the MBOX to PST Tool?

After selecting PST Outlook in the export option, enable “Create individual PST for each folder” option. The software will create separate PST folder as per your requirement.

QHow to change language with MBOX to PST Converter?

MBOX to PST tool offer various language option to provide smooth conversion experience. While installing the software, you can choose language as per your preference in Select Setup Language Wizard.

QCan I Convert Mac Mail MBOX Files to PST?

Yes, You can also use the Mac MBOX to PST Converter for Mac MBOX files into Outlook PST migration on Mac Machine. Because it supports MBOX files of all supported mail & webmail applications.

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