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BitVare’s EML to Office 365 Migration Tool specially designed to Import, Open, Upload, Print & Export EML to Office 365 without any data loss.

Compatible with all latest Windows OS

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Why Use BitVare’s EML to Office 365 Migration Tool?

The Tool is a powerful and full-packed solution to upload EML to Office 365 cloud based account. Import EML files with attachments to Office 365 environment. Free Download BitVare’s EML to Office 365 Migration Tool in your Windows devices including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS.

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  • Supports to upload single or bulk EML files to Office 365 directly
  • Smart option to preview EML files before uploading them to Office 365 account
  • Able to open unlimited EML files to Office 365 without file size limits
  • Import EML file to Office 365 cloud account with attachments
  • Offers various advanced filters for selective EML data to O365 conversion
  • Preserves the Metadata of .eml files while migration to O365 cloud account
  • Import both EML or EMLx file to Office 365.
  • 100% safe & secure utility to perfectly upload EML file in Office 365 environment
  • Software is compatible with all Windows OS platforms - 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP etc.
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All-in-One EML to O365 Tool for all EML #EmailClients

Advanced & HOT Options


Multiple Preview Option

BitVare’s EML to Office 365 software displays preview of selected EML files in multiple ways.

Extract Elements Separately

The program has put forward an idea of extracting certain elements from the EML files separately.

Advanced Search Tab

EML to Office 365 migration software includes bunch of amazing filters needed for efficient EML to O365 file conversion procedure.

Direct Export to Admin

One of the prominent feature of EML file to Office 365 is that it support export of EML files straight to the admin account of Office 365.

back up multiple EML files to O365

Numerous Option to Preview EML Files

BitVare’s EML to Office 365 is an outstanding tool that supports direct import EML file to Office 365 interface. The tool displays preview of EML files so that users can easily select EML files for migration. You can check overview of EML files in below mentioned ways:

  • Content
  • Message Header
  • Hex View
  • Raw Messages

Separate Option to Extract Elements

We at BitVare’s knows different users have different requirement while they upload EML to Office 365. At times, users need to extract specific information from the EML files, which is next to impossible if you don’t have reliable tool to do so. The EML to Office 365 software enables you to extract below mentioned elements from the EML files directly:

  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Attachments
Extract Attached files seperately

Advanced Search Option to Filter Conversion Process

The Bitvare’s EML to Office 365 software is an all-rounder tool programmed with exclusive features. One of them is Advanced Search option. This option enables you to search particular type of EML file for migration process. Using these filters, you can quickly open EML file in Office 365 selectively. List of these filters are as follow:

  • Search by Name
  • Search by Date
  • Search by Subject
  • Search by Sender/Receiver Address
  • Search by Time
  • Search by Content
  • Search by Size
  • Search by Property ID/Name/Value
  • Search by File Name
  • Search by Attachments

Export EML Files to Office 365 Admin Account

The EML to Office 365 of BitVare is an all-rounder tool specialized in exporting EML files to Office 365. The software facilitates to import EML file to Office 365 user account or admin account.

To export EML file into Office 365 admin account, you need to enable “Iam a Global Administrator” option before clicking on the Save button. The EML to O365 program directly upload EML to Office 365 administrator environment.

export .eml files to .pdf

Different Preview Functions

Multiple Preview Functions for Reading EML Files


The EML to Office 365 Tool provides content preview of EML emails where you can read complete email content with Meta description, & attachments.

Message Header

Under the preview facility, the software facilitates a separate section of message header. In this section, you can get the details like- To, From, Subject, Date, etc.

Hex View

Hex view is one more type of preview facility given by the tool. In this option, users will see a complete EML data files in numbers. It shows a brief view of emails in numerical form.

Raw Message

In this preview facility, a performer can simply get the brief view of their EML emails in HTML formatting. It includes all the codes, Meta title, description, classes, etc.

More Features & Options

BitVare’s EML to O365 Advance Features and Functionalities

Batch Migrate EML Data to Office 365 Cloud

The EML to Office 365 software supports the batch facility which enables migration of the entire data of EML mailbox to Office 365 cloud platforms at one time. Moreover, there is no need to worry about your data in the batch migration process as the application will perform the task with complete and accurate mailbox data content.

Filters Options for Selective Data Migration

The Tool provides multiple filters for executing selective migration process of EML emails to Microsoft 365 (Office 365). The facility contains data filters, to, from, and subject. You can fill the required field and save selective EML folders to Office 365 account with attachments with no loss of data.

Preserve the Original EML Data Folder Structure

The utility maintains all files and folders structure during the conversion process to export all EML files or Folders into Office 365 account. Suppose you have multiple EML files and want to export them into OWA account then the complete structure will be kept safe and secure throughout the conversion.

Export EML Folder to Microsoft 365 with Attachments

BitVare’s EML to Office 365 software converts all the attached files. Folders and directories are saved along with its respective mail and keep attachments into their original format. No changes are done to the attachments and formatting.

Required Login Details of Office 365 Account

EML to Office 365 Converter is one of the amazing application which can perform the complete migration procedure without any issues. But it needs some important details of your Office 365 account so that it can upload the data for migration. These details are login ID and Password.

Dual Option to Upload EML Files

EML to O365 Tool offers the option of Choose Files and Choose Folders. Choose Folders allows you to choose the folder of multiple EML files and export all of them to Office 365 (Microsoft 365) at one time. Whereas, Select Files allows you to choose and load the required EML files and convert only those files to Office 365 cloud platform without any error.

Complete Convert EML Database

BitVare’s EML to Office 365 Converter tool is able to upload all EML items such as email messages, default folders, custom folders, Attachments, etc. without any single data loss. And all the data will remain same, with exact formatting.

Select the Desired Path to Save EML Files

With this amazing BitVare’s EML to Office 365 software, you can also select the wanted location where you need to save all the converted EML emails to Office 365. Moreover, you can also make a folder using this tool as you browse for a path to save EML files. It is also capable to move any large size file with complete efficiency.

Compatibility with All Windows OS Platforms

The EML to O365 application runs simply with all 32 bit and 64 bit Windows OS including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and so on. This application is also designed for all types of users. So do not have to need any professional skills to operate this app.

Free Facility to Convert EML Files to Office 365

The Free Opportunity of this software to export/import EML files to Office 365 is helpful to understand the complete working procedure by transferring the first 10 EML emails from each EML folder to the OWA account. After comprehensive satisfaction, anyone can collect its license edition to convert EML data into Office 365(Microsoft 365) without any cost.

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System Requirements for EML to Office 365 Software

System Requirements

Processor 1 GHz Processor(Recommended - 2.4 GHz)

Operating System Windows 11(32/64 bit) & All Below Versions.

Memory 512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk 100 MB of free space

Software Delivery

Electronic Yes

License & Version

Personal License Activation 2 PC / Laptop

Business License Activation For 10 PC / Laptop

Enterprise License Activation For Unlimited PC

Version 3.0

Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Installation & Un-installation:


Know What Our verified users are thinking About EML to Office Migration Tool

”I am using this EML to Office 365 Migration software to save my email files (.eml) into my new account of the MS Office 365 application. The tool is perfect to perform this process as it allows moving of complete email data into Office 365 accounts directly with the same structure of files.”

MakeDuen Lee

The converter is best for all types of email files. I have used this software to save large size EML files and the software provides me all relevant options and sections through which I have saved my emails into MS Office 365 with all attachments and other email elements of email (.eml) files.

New York

BitVare’s EML to Office 365 Software is the best email file migration software I have ever used. This software lets me convert only required email data by providing multiple advanced filter options. Also it provides a select saving destination option. I appreciate the efforts of BitVare’s Technical Team.

Patricia L. Flynn



Yes, the software is designed in such a manner that users can easily get their EML and EMLx files into MS Office 365 account directly and safely. You can also process both email file extensions together with this EML to Office 365 Migration tool.

To select batch email data, you just need to select that folder where you have saved your complete EML data. This software also provides options through which you can select single email files. But for the batch migration, you need to utilize the batch EML migration steps.

The BitVare’s EML to Office 365 Tool is an advanced utility, you can follow the steps of this software on your Windows OS. It can work with Windows OS 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and so on.

Yes, the software contains all required options and sections to save EML files into Office 365 account with every detail of email files. It can easily process email elements like attachments, email header, email footer, email hyperlinks, email text n non-text items, and all other information of EML extension email files.

This software provides multiple benefits to its users, some of them are as follows:

  • EML to Office 365 Migrator is the safest method to migrate complete EML data into Office 365.
  • It can perform this process with a direct procedure. That means you can view all your email data in your MS Office 365 account just after the completion of the process.
  • You can perform this process unlimited times with unlimited EML data.

Yes, the converter is tested with all types of .eml files. It can easily convert EML files to Office 365 with large size email files that may contain multiple elements of emails.

Yes, you can download its demo version to test or view its features with some EML or EMLx files. You can download this edition on Windows OS instantly.

Trial Edition that meet your Requirements

Download the free trial version that can be used to check its functions.

Free BitVare's EML to Office 365 Tool
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