Roundcube Backup Wizard

Restore Roundcube emails to Local system and another computer with a modernized interface. Just choose the file format and application where you need to backup Roundcube database and let the Roundcube Backup wizard do the rest work.

  • Restore Roundcube Mail Server
  • Backup Roundcube Export Greyed Out Data
  • Runs on Windows OS including the latest one (Win 11/10).
  • Directly Backup Roundcube Webmail database to another webmail account
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Roundcube Webmail Email Backup free download

Reasons to Choose Roundcube Webmail Backup tool?

With Roundcube Backup Tool, you can Back up the Roundcube Export Greyed out Data and download entire Roundcube email folders to Computer Local Storage and Another PC along with attachments.

How do I backup my Roundcube email to computer local storage
  • Export Emails from Roundcube to Outlook PST, MBOX, PDF, MSG, EML, etc.
  • Directly Export emails from Roundcube to Gmail, Office 365, Exchange Server, etc.
  • Download Roundcube emails to Computer local storage with attachments.
  • Maintain email elements and Roundcube Mailbox Hierarchy during the webmail backup process.
  • Download unlimited folder from Roundcube (no data size limitation).
  • Easily extract Roundcube Email Attachments and Addresses with Roundcube Backup Wizard.
  • Advance filter options that make your process simple.
  • Easily Backup Roundcube Export Greyed Out Data without any error.
  • Compatible with all Microsoft Windows OS including the latest Win 11/10.
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What Is So Special About This Roundcube Backup Tool?

Are you trying to take a backup from Roundcube Webmail, and your Roundcube Export greyed out? In that case, we brought some help. BitVare Roundcube Backup helps you to backup Roundcube Export greyed out data.

how to backup Roundcube Export greyed out data

Why Export Emails from Roundcube Webmail?

There are hundreds of reasons to Restore and Backup Roundcube emails. As you know, there are multiple situations where users want to download Roundcube emails to PC. Below are some scenarios that lead to Roundcube.

  • Protect data from account hacking situation
  • Transfer the Roundcube email folder to Another computer
  • To get access to Roundcube emails for an unexpected situation
  • Offline access to Roundcube emails when the internet connection is poor
  • Solution – one and only Roundcube Backup Tool

    To create Roundcube Backup to your local computer, you need powerful Software like the BitVare Roundcube Email Backup tool. Users can backup and save Roundcube Webmail emails to 12+ file formats and other web applications accounts in a single process using this Roundcube Webmail Backup Software.

Save Roundcube Emails to Different File Formats

Ready to Backup Roundcube emails! Bitvare Roundcube Email Backup Tool allows you to download Roundcube Emails to Computer formats. You can easily take:

  • Roundcube Emails to PST
  • Backup Roundcube Emails to MSG
  • Backup Roundcube Emails to EML, EMLX
  • Backup Roundcube Emails to MBOX
  • Backup Roundcube Emails to PDF
  • Backup Roundcube Emails to HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, CSV.
How can I backup myroundcube emails for free
Email Archiving roundcube webmail to other webmail migration

Backup Roundcube Emails to Other Webmail Email Applications

Export all Roundcube Emails to other webmail email client accounts. Few of us ever bother to take backup of another webmail server. As result people always ask, “How to export all emails from Roundcube to other email servers or webmail applications”. With BitVare Roundcube Webmail Backup Tool, one can easily export emails from Roundcube to other webmail applications and Webmail servers. Export all Roundcube Emails to Windows live Mail, Gmail, Office 365, G Suite, Exchange Server, etc.

More Options & Features

Impressive Features of Roundcube Backup Tool

Access Roundcube Emails to Cloud Platform

The Roundcube Backup Tool is one of the best solutions for those people who seriously need to Backup and Access Roundcube Emails to Cloud applications. You can directly Access Roundcube Emails to Office 365, G Suite,, Gmail, Exchange Server, HotMail, IMAP, Amazon WorkMail, and the list goes on. All you need to provide the correct Roundcube login details and the rest of Roundcube Email Backup software will handle.

Export Emails from Roundcube to Computer Formats

This magical tool has a feature to clone the Roundcube mailbox to local storage / USB drive without any technical interruption. With this Roundcube email backup wizard, you will be able to backup Webmail Roundcube to PST, MBOX, MSG, EMLX, HTML, EML, PDF, DOC, RTF, CSV, XPS, MHT, etc. You can Save emails from Roundcube to a variety of file formats so that you can easily access offline Roundcube emails.

Backup Emails from cPanel via Roundcube

The Roundcube Backup software makes export of cPanel email to another computer, email client, and file format via Roundcube. Using the Roundcube Webmail Backup Tool, users can easily backup mailbox data of cPanel via Roundcube into any required file format.

Restore Roundcube Backup

The Roundcube Webmail Backup Tool allows users to download emails from Roundcube Webmail to different computer formats and email applications, cloud servers, and Mail Servers. The Roundcube Backup tool shows to be a good approach to exporting emails from Roundcube Webmail Service to Another.

Advance filter for Selective Roundcube Email Backup

The tool offers different filters to save selective Roundcube webmail emails with from, subject, to, date range, etc. Before the Roundcube Backup process, you need to select the advance filter to choose the required option. Provided all filters permit you to download Roundcube Webmail emails/mailboxes by requirements.

Backup Roundcube Emails with Attachments

The software allows users to backup Roundcube Emails with attachments. Roundcube Emails Backup Tool will save Roundcube emails to multiple file formats with attachments (keep attached files in their original formatting).

Maintain Email Properties and Folder Hierarchy

During the Roundcube emails backup process, the tool preserves all the email key elements like date, time, header, name, attachments, hyperlinks, images, etc. also it maintains the folder and sub-folder structure into its original formatting. No alteration or omission of any data information.

Runs on all Windows OS

The Roundcube Backup Tool is built for Windows-based OS. The tool can install on Windows OS (64-bit or 32-bit) platform. One can use this tool on all Windows Operating Systems including Windows 11, 10, and all below versions.

How do I Backup my Roundcube Webmail emails for free?

Download Free Roundcube Backup Software

Roundcube Backup Software Free Trial Pack

We offer the free Roundcube Backup Software to transfer emails from Roundcube Webmail to desktop or cloud accounts for free. The free download version for the Roundcube Backup tool helps you to test the software's working process free of cost. The Demo version has a limitation of 25 emails.

*The Free Roundcube Email Backup wizard enables to backup 25 emails from Cloud Roundcube Webmail account at free of cost.

Backup from Roundcube Emails

Quick Working Guide


01 Run the Program on Windows machine

Download and install the Roundcube Webmail Email Backup software on your Windows system.

How to Backup and Restore Emails in Roundcube?

choose the Roundcube from the left section of the software.

How do I backup my Roundcube webmail?

Now, add correct login details of Roundcube webmail application and click on Next button.

download roundcube emails to my hard drive?

Choose the folders for backup and save into desire format.

move email from Webmail to desktop?

Choose the saving option from the offered list and set the location path.

Backup Roundcube Webmail Database Emails

Apply desired filters if required.

export roundcube email messages

Click on the backup to starts the Roundcube email backup process.

Backup Roundcube Emails to External hard drive or Webmail, cloud account

How do I Backup My Roundcube Database Email Server for Leading Business?

Utilize Email Backup Tool to Grow & Secure Business Data on Cloud

Advanced Analytics toolkit & Specifications

System Requirements for Roundcube Webmail Email Backup

System Requirements

Processor 1 GHz Processor(Recommended - 2.4 GHz)

Operating System Windows 11(32/64 bit) & All Below Versions.

Memory 512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk 100 MB of free space

Software Delivery

Electronic Yes

License & Version

Personal License Activation 2 PC / Laptop

Business License Activation For 10 PC / Laptop

Enterprise License Activation For Unlimited PC

Version 1.0

Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Installation & Un-installation:

Roundcube Backup Software Reviews


A perfect solution for “how to take backup of emails from Roundcube”, software helps me to complete the backup task of data from Roundcube into another webmail location easily. It’s a magical tool seriously to solve for email backup related problems. Due to change of my working environment I need to take backup Roundcube database into another location, it helps me to complete the task in effortless way. Keep it up.



I must say this Roundcube backup tool is one of the finest solution which helps me for backup Webmail Roundcube without losing any existing data of mine. It helps me to restore Roundcube data into another location by keeping all data safe and secure. Your Roudcube backup tool ease my work of taking backup of data from Roundcube to M365 location in effortless manner. Thank you.



This third-party tool helps me to restore my roundcube database without any hurdle. “Roundcube export greyed out” every time I am trying to take roundcube backup I am getting this issue but after using your Roundcube email backup tool I successfully compete the process, I must recommend this software to my colleagues.




People Most Asked Questions

QHow do I transfer emails from Roundcube Webmail to desktop?

You can use the BitVare Roundcube Backup tool to transfer emails from Roundcube webmail to desktop formats like DOC, HTML, PDF, Excel, etc. Or you can go with the manual process which is a way more complicated and lengthy process.

QHow to create backup and restore emails in cPanel webmail via the Roundcube interface?

Instant solution is the “Roundcube Webmail Backup Tool” that provides a direct option to backup and restore emails in cPanel webmail via Roundcube Interface.

Manual Process to create backup and restore emails in cPanel webmail via Roundcube interface:

Step 1: Login to Roundcube webmail account.

Step 2: In order to create backup (export) messages to your local computer storage, select the email(s) and click on More.

Step 3: where select Download (.eml) and provide the location where you want to save the email(s).

QHow can I download all my emails from Webmail?

You can use the Roundcube Email Backup tool to easily download all emails from Webmail like Roundcube, Horde, AOL, etc. to your computer, email server, email application, and multiple file formats.

QHow do I save Roundcube emails to my computer?

Follow the Steps to export emails from Roundcube to PC/Computer

Step 1. Run Roundcube Backup Tool and Sign In to your Roundcube account.

Step 2. Choose mailboxes, email folders, and databases to download.

Step 3. Now, select the required file format from provided saving option.

Step 4. Simply click to Backup button and the backup process will start.

This is how you can save Roundcube emails to the computer.

QHow do I export emails from Roundcube to Gmail?

Use the Roundcube Backup Wizard to directly export emails from Roundcube to Gmail / G Suite account. All you need is the login details of your Roundcube account and Gmail account.

Q How to export emails from webmail Roundcube with attachments?

Tool will provide you feature where you can Export emails from Webmail Roundcube with attachments.

Free Roundcube Backup Software Demo Edition that fulfil your needs

Download the free Roundcube Webmail Backup Software demo version that can be used to check its properties.

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*Download trial edition of Roundcube Webmail Cloud Migration for Free to Save first 25 Roundcube Webmail emails into desired file format, cloud, webmail, IMAP account.