How Do I Import PST to AOL Instantly – Query Solved

Jyoti Sharma | cloud | 4 minutes read | Modified on: 04-06-2022

Are you having concern about how to import PST to AOL or how to convert PST files to AOL webmail on cloud? Then rely on this blog that has complete information about how to open PST file to AOL Mail on Mac or Windows both OS.

We know that AOL Mail is advanced free web-supported mail service in all over the world and it is also called AIM Mail, a division of Yahoo Mail. Today, there are lots of users who prefer webmail services instead of desktop mail clients because of easy access of webmail apps. AOL is one of them. So, there may be possibilities that Outlook users may have requirement to access PST file into AOL mail account.

Using this article, you can utilize dual methods to import PST to AOL without Outlook & with Outlook. So, if you have really need to get PST to IMAP AOL mail account then read this article till the end carefully.

How to Import PST Emails to AOL Mail Account without Outlook

To Convert PST File to AOL account, there is no direct migration available which help to do this task directly. At this time, BitVare launched Mac PST Converter & Windows both Operating System. It helps to directly access PST data to AOL mail account without Outlook. The program is ultimate solution that enables to powerfully export & import PST files to IMAP AOL smartly. It is simple to use and capable to directly load configured Outlook PST files for IMAP migration of AOL mail account. To know how to open PST file to AOL mail, follow the given steps –

  • Firstly, download the PST to AOL Converter tool & launch it on your Windows or Mac OS.
  • Select PST files by provided options.
  • Check selected PST data & click on Next button.
  • Now choose IMAP as your saving option.
  • fill your AOL mail login detail. Click on Export.
  • Migration will start and complete with a successful message.
  • Check all output file in your AOL webmail account.

Note – In Windows OS, you can also analyze PST file data in multiple modes and also save attachments, mail address, phone numbers, contact photo.

Features of PST to AOL Converter

  • The PST to AIM Mail migrator tool enables to convert batch PST files to AOL at once and provide quick response for instant processing.
  • It is simple, safe, advanced & perfect for PST emails to AOL webmail account.
  • The program supports Outlook 2019, 2016, 2011, 2010, 2007, 2013, etc PST files to AOL migration.
  • Using the tool, you can get unlimited emails, & other items of PST file to AOL with attachments, hyperlinks, images, metadata, formatting, etc.
  • The tool supports all Mac OS – Catalina, BigSur, Monterey, etc and Windows OS 11, 10, 8.1, 7, etc.
  • It generates new PST file and doesn’t overwrite on previous files data.
  • In Windows OS, the tool also provides multiple previews to view PST file without Outlook so you can also view all PST file data in detail.
  • In Windows OS, you can also extract PST attachments, mail address, phone numbers, contact photo on your local system.

How Do I Transfer My Emails to AOL from Outlook? – Manually

To follow the manual method for getting PST file data to AOL account, you have to install MS Outlook (if you already have Outlook then no need to install again.) Then configure webmail account with the mail client. Follow the given phrases –

Create AOL Password for other utilitypart-1

  • Login to AOL account by your login detail.
  • Go with your AOL profile & select Account Info option.
  • Choose Account Security & hit on Generate App Password in Menu Bar.
  • Now choose Outlook desktop & hit on Generate option.
  • Then copy the generated password & also save it for further use.

Add AOL Mail Account in Outlook part-2

  • Open MS Outlook mail app on your computer screen.
  • Go with File Menu then Info & Add Account option.
  • Choose manual Setup & POP/IMAP option.
  • Provide your AOL mail address. (in Account type – IMAP, Incoming Mail Servers: Port Server: 993; Outgoing Mail Server: Port Server: 587)
  • Now give complete AOL login details (Provide newly generated password which is created in the above steps.)
  • Hit on OK & Next button to test the setting & IMAP configuration.
  • After completion the test, click on Close & Finish button.

Now AOL account is in Outlook. Finally import PST file from your local system to Outlook, using File Menu >> Open >> Open Outlook Data file options. Now move the PST in AOL ID label. Before following the manual method, you should know its limitations –

Drawbacks on the manual method

  • The manual method is not a perfect solution, it is just a trick to save data from PST to AOL.
  • It is very lengthy method so takes lots of time to perform Outlook PST file to AOL mail.
  • Required Outlook installation & it is paid service.
  • It is not a simple technique so technical skills are required to execute it.
  • Any wrong step may get affected on your data (data loss problem.)
  • Selective emails importing process is not available, using the process.
  • No guarantee to preserve all data and integrity, hierarchy of mail folders during the process.


In this article, we provided two possible ways to import PST to AOL & solve how do I transfer my emails to AOL from Outlook perfectly. The importing process can be simple & safe by using the smart PST migration program but using the manual trick, it may risky. You can also try both solutions at free of cost and know how to convert PST file to AOL for free. The software allows 10-25 mails from each selected PST file to AOL account directly. So, solve your problem with any explained solution.