Export Gmail to Thunderbird Directly

Mike Lucanc | how to | 2 minutes read | Modified on: 12-03-2022

Gmail users have a major concern is to accessing their data. That is why Gmail user needs to switch Gmail email to Thunderbird. So, that users can access data even on office mode. Gmail is a web-based email client. To access emails, messages, calendars, contacts you are going to require a good connection to the internet. What if, you need to go through to your Google messages and you don’t have stable connectivity of the internet? Surely you will not be able to view and read the emails. At that time, you may think that it would have been really easy if I could just know the way to get through my messages offline.

How to Export Gmail to Thunderbird?

It’s not you, there are so many Gmail / G Suite users who want to open their emails even if they don’t have internet connectivity for some reason. And for that reason, you need to use a desktop email client like Mozilla Thunderbird. But the question is How to Open Gmail Emails in Thunderbird?

Method to Export Gmail to Thunderbird Manually

This process includes ImportExportTools

First – Launch Thunderbird

Second – Click on the three dots from the top-right corner and click on the Add-ons

Third – On the search type Importexport tool

Fourth – Click on the Add to Thunderbird

Fifth -Add the Addon

Export Gmail emails to Thunderbird using ImportExportTools

  • Open Thunderbird, click on the Tools >> click on the ImportExportTools >> Import mbox files
  • Now under Files mbox import window click on the Import directly one or more files and then click on the “OK”
  • Now select the downloaded Gmail MBOX files and then click on Open

After that, you have your Gmail emails in Thunderbird

Import Gmail to Thunderbird Using Trusted Tool

One of the easiest ways to import Gmail to Thunderbird is to use the MBOX Converter Tool. All you need to go through the simple steps (upload >> select >> Import) and the software do the rest.

1 – Run the MBOX Converter Tool

2 – Upload the Gmail downloaded MBOX files

3 – Select the Thunderbird from the provide option

4 – Now click on the import option

5 – Finally, Gmail to Thunderbird conversion starts


To save important data and to access Gmail emails offline, a desktop-based application is the most suitable option. With the help of the MBOX Converter, you can easily export Gmail emails to Thunderbird directly. After reading this blog, Gmail users can access their emails even if they are facing internet connectivity issues. With Mac MBOX Converter you can perform Gmail to Thunderbird on Mac OS.