EML File Analyzer – An EML File Forensic Solution to view & Extract EML evidence

Mike Lucanc | Forensics | 4 minutes read | Modified on: 08-02-2022

An EML is a mail file extension that is supported by multiple mail applications – Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, eM Client, Windows Mail, DreamMail, etc. It stands for an electronic mail that is generated to support the MIME RFC 822 mail extension. Therefore, it is used with almost mail applications & servers. EML mail extension maintains single mail that is utilized for both backup & restore and sharing purpose. Additionally, EML file forensics is necessary for performing forensic investigation.

EML file consists of complete email information – ASCII text for attachments, message header & hyperlinks. EML file is the plain text mail, therefore users can view it with Notepad & other text editors. EML extension is just like MIME HTML (MHT), so it may be opened in web browsers directly – Opera, Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox (you need to rename the file extension from .eml to .html/.mht).

Functionalities of EML message type Mail File

Basically, EML is a plain text file that is used to save any individual email message, to be shared & backup. Some highlighted & exclusive functions of EML file type, which makes it dissimilar to other file extensions, are as follows –

  • An EML file can be opened in any text editor app because it is plain text editor.
  • EML mail follows the multiple Internet Mail Format extension protocol.
  • It provides support for non-text attached files, non-ASCII characters & body message.
  • EML mail follows MIME RFC 822 industry-standard mail extension.
  • EML mail can be opened or viewed with multiple mail applications – OE, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, etc.
  • It supports vast accessibility because it is compatible with both Windows & Mac Operating Systems.
  • It can be simply viewed in multiple Web browsers with just changing the EML extension to MHT.

Why EML Mail Analysis is Needed?

The necessity of EML file forensics or EML File analysis depends absolutely upon the users. Generally, detectives have requirement to scrutinize mail or file to extract some crucial evidence from it. To investigate and analyse the case, investigators need to follow the procedure to view & search multiple views of EML file along with message body, header message, attachments, etc. For detailed forensic analysis, examiner requires advanced & smart forensics solutions to find out the hidden evidence.

Before Going Further, focus on a user query:

Hi, as forensic investigator, I am going to investigate a case. Right now I am undertaking the investigation process, where I need to examine a group of EML mail files to find the evidence from all of them. It will take much time to open & view to analyse large mails manually. Therefore, I am finding a smart & risk-free solution to open & analyse the EML data systematically. Please suggest.

It is quite difficult & time-taking process to read & forensically view mail files one-by-one. Therefore, forensic examiners would like to get an automated & trusted solution which provides them the innovative set of functions to view & examine batch EML files quickly.

Now we will explain the smart BitVare for EML solution which can investigate the mails with multiple advanced options.

EML File Forensics with The Best Forensic Utility

In these digital forensics’ times, email file analyzing is the smart way to get evidence from mail files. Mailing is the general communication medium, used by almost all users for business & personal purposes. .eml is the mail extension that is supported by multiple mail apps & web browsers. Therefore, examining of EML mails is extensively performed during the investigation process of digital forensic mails. With the assistance of the BitVare Software, investigators can simply & quickly implement the analysis of EML files without any issue.

Some & Advanced & highlights Functions of the Software

From the perception of digital analysis, the investigation is not only intended for analysing the content body of mail files. It has all data related to the mail – subject, sender, hex views, etc. To investigate the EML mail messages, the Software provides lots of advanced & smart features that are explained below:

  • Preview & Investigate EML file in multiple views – The software is the created with the digital forensic functions so users can analysis the mail files with several preview modes – Content body, hex view, Raw messages, Attachments, messages Header, etc.
  • Advance Search Option to find exact mail for Examine – The tool provides multiple mail search filters based on advance search function. Examiner can be easily & simply used it for detection of evidence while analysing the large mail files. This option helps to achieve more exact result.
  • Multiple File Extensions & Cloud Apps, supported – The BitVare for EML is not only created to view & analysis EML files. It is the perfect & complete forensic utility to view EML files for examine & also save them in multiple file formats & cloud application according to their convenience.
  • Extract Attachments, Phone Number & Contact

The software is provided after complete observation of examiner’s requirement. Sometimes, they also need to save attachments, phone numbers & contacts of emails for the investigation process, so that they can save them on their system at desired location.

Conclusion EML is a mail extension is handled by lots of mail apps & used to share/ backup the saved mail files separately. BitVare Software is a helpful mail forensic examine solution that extracts EML file forensics evidences using different analysis views & multiple advanced options.