Convert OLM to PST with Two Different Solutions

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In this blog, you will get the best approach to converting OLM to PST and let you know how to convert OLM data to Outlook PST format.

As we all know, Microsoft provides desktop applications for both Windows and Mac OS platforms. Microsoft Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac.

The difference between these two applications is just the file format they use to store data. Otherwise, both applications have comparable interfaces and features. Outlook for Windows keeps its data in OST file format. And Outlook for Mac keeps data in OLM files. Outlook for Mac does not have the same feature set as Outlook for Win.

Comparison of OLM and PST File

PST and OST file formats are supported by MS Outlook for Windows. Outlook for Windows set up with POP3 configuration. PST files store its data. However, MS Outlook stores data when use works offline with an Exchange server account. On the other hand, we have Outlook for Mac which saves its data in OLM file format. PST and OLM both files include data like emails, contacts, events, calendars, tasks, journals, notes, and all the other things.

Reason to Convert OLM to PST

Because of the different file formats, Windows Outlook does not support OLM. If you need to open Mac OLM files in Outlook for Windows, then you have to convert OLM files to PST. And for that, we are discussing some reasons for OLM to PST Conversion. The reason could be changing the OS environment, Moving from Outlook for Mac to Windows Outlook. Also, Moving Data could be temporary.

Convert OLM to PST with the Best Approach

As we have seen, the manual process is very time taken and also risky for data. If you go with the manual there is a high chance of data loss, and you need technical knowledge. So, you can try the BitVare OLM Converter for Mac which is the best approach. The software provides you a direct option to convert OLM to PST without going through a lengthy process.

With this OLM to PST Converter, you need to follow the four simple steps, and you have your OLM files in PST format with original formatting and attachments.

1 – Download the Mac OLM to PST Converter on Mac OS

2 – Add OLM files and Select PST from saving options

3 – Select the destination to save output files

4 – Click on Save

Just in 4 simple steps, you can convert OLM to PST without any data loss.

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How to Import OLM to Office 365

Well, conversion of OLM file to PST is very complicated with the manual process, or with OLM to PST Converter is process becomes easy. It’s up to you to choose the right way to convert OLM to PST.

Manual Process to Convert OLM to PST

The manual process contains two techniques. First, add an IMAP account and transfer Mac Outlook data into a Gmail account. Second, Add the same IMAP account to Windows Outlook.

Add IMAP Account to Gmail

  • Open Gmail account
  • Navigate to the Settings from the top right corner, and go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
  • Hereafter, go to the IMAP status. In case, it is not selected then select it and click on the Save option.

Configure IMAP Account to Outlook for Mac

1 – Open Outlook for Mac and go to the Tool option and Select the Account tab
2 – Now, click on the emails, and provide the Gmail details (email address and right password).
3 – Now, Select the IMAP server and go to the SSL and SMPT Server with 465 as the portal number, and Add the account

Transfer Outlook for Mac OLM data to configured IMAP Account

1 – Open Outlook for Mac and select the data which you want to import

2 – Right-click on the select data

3 – Select the Move option and copy it to the folder

4 – Now, update the IMAP folder and click on send/received

Note: Now you have all the Olm data in the IMAP account.

Import OLM to Outlook for Windows

In this process, we are going to configure the same IMAP account in Outlook for Windows.

1 – Go to the control panel

2 – Go to the Mail option where select Email Account and New

3 – Click on the Manually configure server setting and Next

4 – Enter the IMAP server credentials with Incoming and Outgoing server details.

5 – Now, click on the advanced tab where enter the 993 as a port number and the IMAP server and select the SSL connection.

6 – Enter 465 to the SMPT server and also select the SSL connection >> click on OK.

7 – Click on the Next to complete the process.

Note: After all these processes, you have the Outlook for Mac OLM files to Outlook for Windows.

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