Convert OLM to PDF with Attachments on Mac OS

Mike Lucanc | Mac | 3 minutes read | Modified on: 25-03-2022

In today’s time, users want to keep their emails with attachments to PDF file format for their reasons. In this blog, we are discussing how to convert multiple OLM to PDF with attachments on Mac OS.

Why Do People Need to Export OLM to PDF Mac?

Outlook is a frequently used application whether you are a Windows or Mac OS user. So, most of the users need to convert OLM to PDF with attachments due to the below-listed reasons:

  • PDFs are easily accessible.
  • Adobe PDF are a convenient format for printing purposes.
  • The PDF files are helpful for presentation purposes for both professional and personal life.
  • The PDF file is secure and allows you to put a password on it.
  • PDF is standard format as legal evidence.
  • It can keep a huge amount of data with minimum storage.

How to Convert OLM to PDF with Attachments on Mac?

Manual Process to Convert multiple Outlook

1 – Open Outlook for Mac and select emails that you want to save as PDF.

2 – Go to hit menu and hit the save button.

3 – “Save” box will appear and put the location where you want to keep exported PDF file and provide a name for the file.

4 – Choose HTML from the Save As drop-down box >> Save button.

5 – Browse the saved HTML file, then select and right-click on it.

6 – After that, choose to Open with Word Doc file. And go to the Word File menu and click on the Save as the button.

7 – Now Save as box will show up, provide the location where you need to save the file.

8 – Choose PDF from the Save As drop-down option and click on the Save button.

9 – Now, you have Outlook email in PDF format.

Drawbacks of Using the Manual Process

  • The manual process is only suitable for a few files not suitable for multiple emails
  • It is complicated and very time consuming
  • It is only allowed to save only one email at a time
  • You need technical knowledge for the manual method.

How to Convert OLM to PDF in an Expert Way

The OLM Converter is an expert tool with understandable GUI, even non-technical users can easily convert OLM to PDF with attachments. The Tool has many advanced features like:

  • Convert messages, emails, tasks, contacts, calendars to PDF file format.
  • Provide file naming filter option.
  • Multiple Data filter options.
  • Save OLM emails with attachments into PDF.
  • Support all the versions of the OLM file created in different Outlook for Mac.
  • Allows to Convert OLM files in batch.
  • Compatible with all the Mac OS versions.
  • Easy GUI, no complications throughout the conversion

Steps to Convert OLM to PDF with Attachments

  • Launch the OLM Converter.
  • Upload the OLM Files and click on Next.
  • Select the PDF from the provided saving options.
  • Now, select “Embedded Attachments into PDF” to keep attachments within the files or Select “Extract Attachments to Separate Folder” to keep all the attachments into a separate folder.
  • Now, select the destination path to keep saving the converted PDF files.
  • Now, you can choose the file naming options as per your requirement.
  • Click on Export to start the OLM to the PDF conversion process.


With the help of above mention tool, one can easily Convert OLM to PDF on Mac. Using the expert way even a non-technical and home user can convert OLM to PDF with attachments without anybody’s help, only need to follow the mentioned steps.