How to Open MBOX File in Chrome Browser on Mac and Win?

Mike Lucanc | how to | 2 minutes read | Modified on: 03-04-2022

Here, you are going to learn how to open MBOX files to Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers. Opening the MBOX file to Chrome helps you read MBOX file data properly.

The demand for opening MBOX to HTML conversion has been increased at an exponential frequency. And the reason is simply being able to open MBOX files in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. People are always looking for a solution to convert MBOX to HTML format and prefer data to be in perfect condition.

Query: I have a few MBOX without extensions. These MBOX files are my backup file for the Thunderbird account. Currently, in my Thunderbird Application, I have another account configured.

We have the best MBOX to HTML conversion method that is easy to execute and provides immediate and desired results.

Reasons to Convert MBOX to HTML

Reasons are changed depending upon the user’s requirement, but the more popular are:

1 – HTML files are easily modified with a simple text editor as come MBOX files.

2 – Reading MBOX files using time-consuming but HTML is easily viewable with any web browser.

3 – it is required to have internet connectivity to open and view MBOX files with email clients. But you can easily open the HTML file in a web browser without an internet connection.

Convert MBOX to HTML in order to open in Chrome on Mac and Win

  • Download the MBOX Converter on Mac and Windows OS
  • Add MBOX files with Add files/folder button
  • Select the HTML from the saving option
  • Select the destination path to save the output
  • Choose the file naming option as per your requirement
  • Click on the Convert button to process the conversion process
  • After the MBOX to HTML conversion, you can open HTML to Chrome on Mac and Windows OS

Note: Apart from Chrome, one can easily open MBOX files in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Brave Browser, etc.


This blog is the perfect guide for those who want to convert MBOX to HTML and learn how to Open MBOX in Chrome and other browsers. Using this MBOX to HTML Converter for Mac and Windows will save your time and effort. This method will help you to view the MBOX file in Chrome without any email client help.