Manual Process to Export Mac Outlook OLM File to G Suite

Mike Lucanc | how to Mac | 3 minutes read | Modified on: 17-02-2022

Here we are covering the topic “Import OLM File to Gmail”. Exporting OLM Files to Gmail or to New Google Workspace is not an easy task. Exporting of data includes mailboxes, calendars, contacts, notes, etc. So that, to get in its proper way, we just need a clear-cut process. This write-up has both manual and direct methods.

Why Export OLM File to Google Workspace?

Technology these days developing very fast, in order to that user must adopt it as well. Most users switch from desktop email applications to web-baas email applications which can be easily accessed from anywhere. Mac Outlook to G Suite is one tactic that users perform for the same. But it is not an easy task because you are exporting from Mac Outlook desktop application to Gmail web-based email application. The Outlook for Mac keeps its data in an OLM file which cannot be imported in Google Workspace directly.

Manual Process to Import OLM to G Suite

The OLM to Gmail process is spilled into two different processes

By using IMAP Configuration

1 – Signing in to your Google account

2 – And, configure the Mac Outlook OLM with Business Account in Gmail

3 – Create a label in Google Mail and start Sync OLM with IMAP

4 – Move the data from OLM to an IMAP. After that move data from IMAP to the intermediate PST file

After getting the PST file, now import to G suite

1 – Get the Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GAMMO) for the device.

You can download it from (

2 – Launch the tool and log in to Google Account and continue.

3 – Now, a new window will display then again process continue to move.

4 – Press on the drop-down menu and select PST from the option. Then click on the check box with Migrate all Data and continue with the Next button.

5 – Select the data like Calendar, mailbox, contacts, notes to import to Google Workspaces.

6 – Click on the Migrate button to start the process to Import OLM files to G Suite.

Now you completed the Mac Outlook to Gmail migration.

Limitation of Manual Process

For the multiple OLM file conversion, then the above process won’t be applicable. The Manual process takes a lot of time and effort. If you skipped any step or any option is not selected during the selection process, then the process needs to be done from the beginning.

Direct Process to Import Mac Outlook OLM to G Suite

If you have multiple OLM files to migrate, then why not try the direct method? Download the Mac OLM Converter. Export Multiple Mac Outlook OLM files to Google using the BitVare toolkit. Add multiple OLM files to the software and export to G Suite directly. Download the free demo version of the Mac OLM Converter and export the first 25 files from each folder of the OLM File to G Suite.


With the Mac OLM Converter, you can perform the migration process without any hassle. One has to choose wisely while choosing the desirable method. Here we are going to recommend an automated way for migrating bulk OLM files. Do not overdo the migration process when it can be done smoothly.