How to Import Thunderbird to Roundcube Webmail on Mac?

Mike Lucanc | how to | 4 minutes read | Modified on: 18-06-2022

In this blog, we are going to discuss the simplest way to export Thunderbird for Mac emails to Roundcube Webmail. So, here, one can get the answers regarding importing Thunderbird emails to Roundcube and Thunderbird to Roundcube exporting data process failed. If you are a Mac OS user and searching for a solution to import emails from Thunderbird to Roundcube Webmail server, then you are in the right place.

User query

Thunderbird to Roundcube Exporting Data Process Failed

Need to access my Thunderbird in Roundcube as I am unable to export my Thunderbird profile into Roundcube, so looking for an automated solution that helps me to execute this process of exporting Thunderbird mailboxes into the Roundcube location all along with my existing data. I am having 1TB of email data stored in my Thunderbird email client but now want to access all my data into Roundcube. I tried the manual process but it failed every time.

Import Thunderbird to Roundcube Webmail on Mac OS

There are so many people who use email clients and webmail mail servers simultaneously and are always stuck at the moment where they want to import data from an email application like Thunderbird to a Webmail server. One of our clients asked How do I connect my Thunderbird to Webmail Roundcube?

As we know, there is no direct way to connect, import, or sync Thunderbird to Roundcube Webmail Server. So, to complete the job, we come up with the solution Mac Thunderbird to Roundcube Exporter Wizard.

Reasons to Thunderbird to Roundcube

  • To access important emails anywhere
  • Prepared for the unplanned situation
  • Backup data in cased email application get crashed
  • To get more security firewall

How do I export emails from Thunderbird to Roundcube on Mac?

As we decided, whenever you perform Thunderbird to Roundcube exporting data process failed because there is no manual way to do the job. So, we need a professional tool to export emails from Thunderbird to Roundcube webmail Server.

BitVare Mac MBOX to IMAP Exporter Tool

If Mac OS X users need to avoid errors or technical issues, they should use an automated tool like BitVare Thunderbird to Roundcube IMAP Exporter to upload Thunderbird emails to Roundcube with IMAP. All you need to provide is your Roundcube webmail details and IMAP host server details

So, you can upload an unlimited mailbox including attachments from Thunderbird. There is no file size limit. Moreover, the software has an easy-to-use GUI interface that can be easily used by both non-technical and technical users. Because of its advanced features, this tool is popular amongst information technology professionals. As it delivers an option to Import Thunderbird to Roundcube without any hassle.

How to Export Emails from Thunderbird to Roundcube with IMAP?

Download the Free Thunderbird to Roundcube Exporter for Mac and Windows. The free version provides you the facility to export the first 25 emails from each Thunderbird mailbox to Roundcube with the IMAP option.

Steps to Export Thunderbird to Roundcube

Initially, you need to download the Tool from the BitVare Official Site. Install it and properly follow the steps –

  • Click on the Select Files or Select Folders button to browse the Thunderbird MBOX files and after that, click on the Next button.
  • After that, choose the IMAP option from the provided saving options
  • Now, you need to provide your Roundcube Webmail login details and IMAP Host Server, and Port Number
  • After That, Software automatically starts the Thunderbird to Roundcube Sync process.

With this professional tool, you can perform the Thunderbird to Roundcube migration just in a few clicks. If you get any trouble during the process or if you have any queries related to the migration process then you can contact us.

Queries Asked about Thunderbird to Roundcube Webmail Migration

Q – How do I export every email from Thunderbird to Roundcube?

A – You can use the IMAP option of BitVare MBOX Converter for Mac and Windows to export every email from Thunderbird to Roundcube.

Q – How do I merge Thunderbird profiles to Roundcube?

A – Simply use the Thunderbird to Roundcube IMAP Exporter tool and merge Thunderbird profiles emails to Roundcube. Just provide the correct details of your Roundcube webmail account to the software interface.

Q – Can I Bulk export mails and folders from Thunderbird to Roundcube?

A – Yes, Software provides you the feature to export bulk Thunderbird mailboxes to Roundcube and other webmail formats.


The Thunderbird MBOX file may need to be exported at any time. However, it is all up to your conditions for the Thunderbird Mailboxes. In some cases, you might not know How to Import Thunderbird MBOX to Roundcube. Hence, we have discussed providing effective solutions. If you want to export a large number of Thunderbird data, we suggest you go for the automated tool. It can upload a large number of Thunderbird MBOX to Roundcube at once without losing any data.