How to Become a Cyber Forensic Expert – Lets Know?

Jyoti Sharma | Forensics | 5 minutes read | Last updated on June 4th, 2022,

To be a Cyber Forensic Expert & Adviser is tough but not beyond Reach…

Everyone dreams of becoming something good & achieving smart position. Some dream to become policeman, soldier, doctor, investigator. Similarly, some people have dream to become cyber & digital forensic experts, but they have lots of queries in their mind and want exact answer for the subject matter.

Usually, people don’t have much information about Cyber Forensic Examiner or Digital Forensic Expert. Almost all of them go with Google to explore more information about becoming Digital Examiner but it is not essential that information provided on Google is accurate. Therefore, we are here to sort out this problem which is bothering you.

Let’s begin to get accurate guidance to reach the peak of your dreams.

It is compulsory that you must have technical skills to save, analyze, retrieve & secure data that is connected with various criminal activities to become a cyber forensic Expert & a qualified cyber forensic examiner or digital forensic investigator. They can hem in various illegal activities, like –

  • Discussion with terrorists
  • Fraud & Scams on the internet.
  • Data hacking.
  • Using images that are forbidden by law
  • Stealing of the private data is a serious crime.
  • Invasions into network
  • Spying in the areas of industry, politics & commerce.

Investigators can use multiple devices for storing their data, e.g., Commercial/ personal computer, mobile phones, tablets, USB & Cloud etc. Cops & other enforcement officers, team of investigators, or a forensic computer firm, large corporations – commercial institutions & other organizations are possible places to search for jobs and get work.

Responsibilities of Cyber Forensic Examiner

Cyber forensic experts have to done multiple works, such as they must investigate cyber & digital devices – PC, computers, hard disk, flash sticks, laptops & other devices; that might have been used for cybercrimes – Phishing, online crimes, mail bombing, web jacking, spamming & others. Therefore, we are providing some duties of forensic experts below. So, get some ideas from the below mentioned duties performed by cyber examiners & digital experts to become Cyber forensic Expert.

  • Collect & examine data with forensic tools & software.
  • Do work to ISO standards.
  • Access secured, hidden & encrypted data or files.
  • Protect equipment / system from tampering.
  • Crack digital photographs that camouflage a place or person’s identity
  • Safety screening & proper checking.
  • Keep with digital forensic breakthroughs & cybercrime tactics.
  •  Make technical data reports & if required swear as an expert witness in the court.
  • Tracking by GPS & cell phones for investigating.
  • Based on conditions, collection of images & data.

Income of a Cyber Forensic Expert

  • The approx. starting income of a computer cyber expert is $25,881.87 & $30,816.25 per annum, depending on your experience.
  • As you gain expertise, the expected earning shoots upto $36,978 & $55,481.85 each year.
  • Senior experts may also earn up to $98,634.40 per year.

Income is based on the individual skills, your working place, organization size for which you are working & others. It may be possible that your compensation may increase as you enhance your skills & certification.

Important : The salary statistics shown here are just for reference only. Actual figures may vary depending on your location, expertise, organization etc.

Working Hours of Cyber Forensic Experts

Almost all persons think that to become a digital & cyber forensic analyser is very simple and they have limited working hours. Then yes, it is true that their working hours are limited but their job is not that simple. Their working hours timing is generally between 36 & 40 hours in a week. Although, they will have to be adjustable as the specific hours they are working will depend on the type of work or investigation that are focusing on.

There are some organizations that require round the clock exposure; with employees occupied on call-out working schedule to make sure swift response time of data & digital safety issues & criminal issues. You must prepare yourself for the following –

  • Cyber & digital forensic working vacancies are available globally. Also, most businesses are situated in cities & towns.
  • If you work for military, government & police, you may be restrained from conversing your duty from outside work. It is because of the subtle nature of some of the materials. You might also need to view and read disturbing material / photographs.
  • If you are working in the cyber forensics, then you are autonomous expert for court matters.
  • Some places require the completion of security authorization process.
  • Generally, computer lab work or office, but sometimes you will to need to travel to courts, clients, meetings. You may also be needed to go the crime area to help seize goods / tentative gadgets.

Credentials of Forensic Experts

Graduation degree is required to become a forensic expert. Sometimes, disciplines like digital & cyber security or Computer forensics are also required by companies. There are various computer or STEM associated courses that may be accepted for graduate programs in this field by companies. Having knowledge in the following topics may help you in becoming a forensic expert–

  • IT
  • Network engineering
  • Electronics
  • Computer Science
  • Computer forensics
  • Cyber Security
  • Network security
  • Physics, Mathematics & other STEM subjects

In this field, you can always continue your education. The NCSC lists official Graduate degrees in digital forensic or cyber security & related subjects from various universities. You can also do post-graduation in cyber security or computer forensics fields.

Skills Required to become a Cyber Forensic Expert

As of now you must have understood about the importance of skills for becoming a cyber forensic expertise or digital forensic examiner. So, now we are explaining some important skills –

Gritty problem-solving capabilities.

Complete Work Experience

Work experience is a good way to learn about this work & improve your working prospects. Because of the nature of this profession, short term expertise & work monitoring is very difficult to get. There are also possibilities to get a work placement in computer forensics.

Previous work experience on computer network management as well as OS, software, & data analysis is also a beneficial. You can also get it by finalizing a year in this industry although enrolled in a sandwich graduate program or by contributing in summer work assignment. A blog & websites may also be a good platform for developing your own coding & web development abilities.

As you can understand, it is not a simple task to become a forensic expert but it is not impossible also. You can also become a digital & cyber forensic expert, there are lots of institutes, training & schools in all over the world that can assist you become a cyber forensic examiner. Or you can also get help from cyber expert. We have to remember that don’t give up, there are many thorns in the way, clam & work with patience; everything will be good & best. Hope should never leave.