How to Transfer All mail from RediffMail to Gmail – Complete Guide

Jyoti Sharma | cloud | 4 minutes read | Modified on: 16-11-2022

Do you have requirement to know how to transfer all mail from Rediffmail to Gmail account or how to take email backup from Rediffmail to Gmail in batch and also searching for solution to solve the issue. Then continue reading this blog for knowing further because here BitVare Software will offer a beneficial solution that will assuredly assist you to import Rediffmail to Gmail account.

RediffMail & Gmail are the most popular mail service provider. Multiple corporates & individuals are using services for data management. They both offers a good environment with advance services to users. But sometime, because of sudden variation in requirement, users need to import from one mail platform to other. Because every webmail app is designed with different options. Some also updated time to time and some does not. So when users have requirement they have to search for useful & suitable mail apps & services that fulfil their necessities & provide them what they are really looking for. Therefore, in next para, we will focus on some facts about why users going with RediffMail to Gmail account.

Why Users go with Gmail from RediffMail Webmail service

There are amply reasons for Rediffmail to Gmail account. Moreover, lots of users are handling Gmail. Because it is updated time to time and provides advanced & flawless functions that are useful for organizations. Therefore, some famous explanations tell why Gmail is suitable for users.

  • Anybody can easily access Gmail on any location & device because it is browse based.
  • It provides large storage space & also gives 25GB free space where numerous mail messages can be saved without any size restriction.
  • It enables Hotmail & Yahoo to Gmail to manage entire mails in a account.
  • Google Mail has multiple productions services – Google Hangout, Google Shopping, Google Meet, Google Maps, Google Merchant Center, etc.
  • Also provides facility for video chatting & IM storage that assists to become in touch with co-workers & users simply.
  • It is very low cost & zero maintenance. However, simply synchronized with MS Outlook, Blackberry & Android.
  • Send the oath of secured SSL – encrypted connection that keeps users’ account data.

No doubt that Gmail provides lots of benefits & so, in these days, millions of users are continuously transferring from the respective mail apps.

How to Import Mails from RediffMail to Gmail?

Both are webmail services and has no direct migration option available for transferring emails from RediffMail to Gmail account. At this time, the BitVare Software has provided Email Backup Software is the advanced solution to transfer mail from RediffMail to Gmail account. The tool has lots of advanced functions that helps to achieve safe, simple, advanced & accurate RediffMail migration to Gmail account directly.

The tool provides efficient & beneficial functions users can use them according to their requirements for getting desired result. Moreover, users can download the free demo of the RediffMail to Gmail transfer software in case they would like to take a test and know how to transfer all mail from Rediffmail to Gmail.

How to import mails from RediffMail to Gmail account in Simple Steps

  • Download the RediffMail to Gmail Converter software on your desktop screen.
  • Select RediffMail or IMAP Server from the left side of the software screen.
  • Fill your RediffMail account server detail and click on login button.
  • It loads all data from your RediffMail and also show in tree structure, select them by mark & unmark of checkbox.
  • Choose Gmail as your saving option.
  • Fill your Gmail account detail and also choose othe desired options. Click on backup button to start the process.

Migration process will start and also complete with successfully completed message. Click on Ok button and check your Gmail account. It will complete and assured. Entire mail properties including attachments will be saved as it is without any change.

Advanced Functions of RediffMail to Gmail Converter

  • The software is simple to access so anyone can easily handle it without any issue.
  • The Rediffmail to Gmail Converter tool has batch approach that helps to convert unlimited RediffMail emails to Google Mail account at once. Therefore, you can get quick & rapid response for the migration.
  • The software has multiple filters for getting specified data conversion of RediffMail into Google Mail account.
  • It has compatibility in all Windows OS so easily run on all Windows OS – Win 11, Win 10, Win 8.0, Win 7, etc.
  • The program preserves all mail properties – metadata, formatting, image, hyperlinks, etc.
  • This utility provides original attachments after completion the process, so you can get complete data attachments file of emails without any change.
  • The RediffMail to Google Mail tool is effective utility that provides assured, safe & effective data migration outcome.


The blog has explained a solution that smartly save RediffMail emails to Gmail. The tool is perfectly safe & verified. Users can simply download & handle the tool and easily perform the process on any Windows OS. Users can take experience with free demo by utilizing the demo edition of the utility. The tool can assist users to import 25 RediffMail to Google mail at free of cost. For getting more solutions of queries, doubts of RediffMail to Google Mail account, contact our BitVare Software support team.