Ransomware Attack – Facts and How to Deal with it?

Jyoti Sharma | technology | 4 minutes read | Modified on: 18-11-2022

Ransomware has been pounding several government & commercial companies for illegal commercial gains. Moreover, there is a large gap b0etween actual awareness of Ransomware attack & becoming its victim.

Therefore, what is Ransomware Exactly? Let’s Know

Ransomware is a condition used to explain criminal act of diffusion malware that captures the data of victim without consent, with the means of encryption. The victim is forced to reimburse a ransom for receiving decryption key in exchange, to free data.

The malware is generally supplied by infected attached files that are received by mail, corrupted software, or compromised websites. Moreover, high-tech advancement has occupied the place by leading time to different policies being adopted for spreading the malware.

Conquering Ransomware Attack

Is it Possible to prevent Ransomware attacks on your own computer?

The Exact answer of the explained question is yes, but including conditions applied. In these days Cybercrime is very common and it is probably impossible for one to remain unpretentious by its harm for long time. So, recuperating from this condition becomes required demand by the users.

Nevertheless, recovering from such damage doesn’t essentially need you to go through it. It can also be depending on preventive measures that you may have applied previously.

Situations –

Better known as BCP, Business Continuity Plans, always explain to be useful when situation, as appalling as it, take place. An easy backup is the key for recovering from ransomware attacks.

So, when asking how can a ransomware attack be prevented, or about ransomware attack prevention, users have answer with them. The given section provides complete information about the plans to prevent from Ransomware attack –

Data Replication – organizations must confirm that the data be protected by that means such as replication, snapshot & regular incremental block level backup. Moreover, one should take note that it should be processed with whole understanding of the fact that information is modified & added since this backup is not be lost & included.

Share Apps & Sync – The smart recovery function in case of a ransomware attack is usage of share & sync products. The tools are designed to update corporate NAS (Network Attached Storage) or share the file as soon as modification in data is created by the users. Recovery chances become higher even in ransomware unfortunate event because availability of data in synchronization.

Laptop Protection – Users, always on the go, save & modify data individually from corporate NAS or file server. Protection of the devices must be standard process for companies but many don’t do it. In spite of the availability of the tools providing data protection on laptops abundantly, the most desire to save data only a scheduled basis.

Note – Organizations have come up including offers of adding capability of detecting this attack. Turning off synchronization & alerting administrator of potential risk to deal with attack more thoroughly.

Individual Support made for Ransomware Attack

The main dictum of criminal in a cybercrime is commonly to achieve financial benefits. In case of Ransomware attack, individual benefits are created in order to provide the given motives –

Data Encryption – data of victim machine is encrypted but stored safe from other harm. It is a little relaxed approach because here it is expected that victim will search for solution on internet & purchase any-ransomware tool from genuine website that are exactly handled by attackers themselves.

Data inaccessibility – attackers create data on compromised machine unusable for the victim. A message is sent for demanding ransom to get accessibility of the data including warning that key will be ruined if payment is not done.

Target the Victim – Victim is subjected to trust that they are a part of police investigation owing to possession of illicit web content & unlicensed product on the computer. So, they are provided instructions on how to pay fine for it. That is exactly a form of a ransomware attack.

Prevention is Ever better than cure

Everybody would like to have a method in hand rather than searching for it every place. So Commercial continuity planning procedures are the smart solutions to search for recovering from ransomware. The significances of the attack are undefeatable except if backup is there.

Therefore, the experts & law implementation highly advise incorporating backup practices to prevent themselves from becoming helpless in situation of the data snatching. Users can easily disagree paying the ransom & instead wipe the system disk clean to restore it by the latest backup of the data (Share & sync).

Findings of the Ransomware Attack Case Study

The ransomware can be as harmful as users let it be. As long as users follow the recommended & given backup practices and ensure replication of the updated data or changed on your machine; since attack as terrible as Ransomware, it cannot affect their data. Suggestions of the malware that infects data or computer during a ransomware attack are rubbed clean as soon as the payment is created. The suggestion behind it is to create the architecture and technology behind the malware, confidential from detectives. Therefore, the consequences of given attack continue to be unavoidable, until and unless a data backup is there.