How to Import & Transfer PST File to IBM Verse at BitVare Software

Jyoti Sharma | cloud how to | 5 minutes read | Modified on: 09-09-2022

Read this blog that will assist you to import PST to IBM Verse account directly by using advanced & cost-effective technique. By this write-up, we are explaining to know the risks of mail migration for companies & trying to unsafe the most affordable solution to perform that make the entire thing worthwhile. Read it to search the helpful & assured technique to transfer PST file to IBM Verse with 100% accuracy.

Before understanding the step-by-step process to convert PST file to IBM Verse cloud account, lets know more about Microsoft Outlook & IBM Vesre –

Overview of Microsoft Outlook & IBM Verse

Microsoft Outlook supports mail service, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, etc and it stores all data in PST file format that is also known as Personal Storage Table. A PST file can simply import & export from MS Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007. Microsoft updates time to time with additional functions and has all functions to use personally & professionally so it is used widely and also users & organization recommended it.

IBM Verse is a cloud mail service so it can simply access on any location at any time. It can also run on any device – Laptop, Tablets, Desktop, Computer, etc. International Business Corporation has launched IBM Verse because users are expected more advance, as IBM Notes has progressively outdated.

Why Users Import PST to IBM Verse Account

  • Microsoft Outlook is desktop supported mail app while IBM Verse is a cloud supported mail service. Therefore, if users need to use their mails out of organization then they cannot easily access mail of desktop mail app while webmail apps’ mails can be easily handled on any place. So, possibility to switch from MS Outlook to IBM Verse.
  • Microsoft Outlook needs technical information to configure it with mail accounts service while IBM Verse no need for installation & configuration process, therefore it can be simply handled by both non-technical & technical users, therefore users may import PST file to IBM Verse account.
  • Similarly, IBM Verse can be used on multiple Operating System such as – Mac, Windows, Android iOS; On the other side, MS Outlook can access on only Mac & Windows OS because it is desktop supported mail app.
  • IBM corporation is a popular brand to provide the best safety functions therefore users may need to transfer their data from Microsoft Outlook to IBM Verse account. Corporate clients always need to achieve the best safety functions & this feature is provided by IBM Verse.

Some Users’ Queries

I am a manager of an IT Company. Since the time I have joined the company, my laptop is configured with MS Outlook, that is my default mail app. So it has large data but in these days, there is demand of Cloud platform due to safety purpose. After many research, I came to know about IBM Verse Cloud platform. It is advanced and safe. I tried to switch from MS Outlook to IBM Verse but not get successful. Since then, looking for right solution that can assists me to import Outlook data to IBM Verse account. Anyone can suggest me the best solution for my requirement.

I were handing Microsoft Outlook in my previous organization, recently I has switched to new one. Here I am using IBM Verse account. I have need to import Outlook PST file data to IBM Verse. I have crucial data in PST file so can’t take any risk. Suggest me an accurate solution which can transfer my all PST file data to IBM Verse.

How to Convert PST File to IBM Verse Account

To export Outlook PST File to IBM Verse account directly, there is no default export or import option available; at this time BitVare Software understood all users’ demand and launched the Mac PST Converter that is available for Mac & Windows with latest functionalities. The software enables to convert multiple PST files data to IBM Verse at once in batch mode. It assuredly maintains mailbox hierarchy of Outlook PST file data to IBM Verse.

To solve how to import & transfer PST file to IBM Verse cloud account query, this software is exact method that can strappingly transfer PST files of Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007 into IBM Verse. It flawlessly perform PST to IBM Verse cloud migration process in simple few steps. To know more about its working, download the Outlook PST to IBM Verse Converter tool for Mac or Windows OS and then follow the given steps –

  • After downloading & installing the software, launch it on your desktop screen.
  • Select PST files by provided two options.
  • As it loads the selected file, it displays all data in tree structure with checkbox. So click on the checkbox of the file that you need to export in IBM Verse. Click on Next button
  • Select IMAP as your saving option.
  • Fill your IBM Verse account details. Click on Export button.
  • Migration will start and complete with a successful note.

The PST to IBM Converter provides a confirmation message after completion the migration process. After that, navigate to the outcome of the migration. It will provide accurate Outlook PST files to IBM Verse cloud account. The software will export Outlook PST to IMAP Server IBM Verse cloud account with all mail properties including attachments.

Features of the PST to IBM Verse Converter tool

Batch Approach – The PST to IBM Verse tool supports bulk mode to export multiple PST files to IBM cloud account in one round processing. It will save your time from one-by-one processing.

Workable on all Outlook Edition PST file – The PST to IBM converter tool is rapid solution that can export PST files of all Outlook edition 2021, 2019, 2013, 2010, 2016, 2007. It supports ANSI & UNICODE PST file for migration into IBM.

Compatible with Windows & Mac OS – The PST to IBM Verse Converter tool has complete efficiency to run on all Mac OS – Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, etc. The software also supports to run on all Windows OS – 11, 10, 8.1, 8.0, etc.

Keeps all Mail Properties with Attachments – The program is designed with all developed functionalities. It cares all mail attributes – Metadata, formatting, hyperlinks, unread status, etc. It saves attachments in their original extension.

Multiple Preview Modes in Windows – The PST to IBM Verse Converter supports multiple preview options that help to view PST file data in content, raw messages, message header, properties, etc with Windows OS.

Extract Attachments & Other Item with Windows OS – If you are using the software in Windows OS then you can also save attachments, mail address, contact photos, phone number of email on your local system.


The PST to IBM Converter is a trustworthy method to import PST to IBM Verse cloud account. The software is easy to handle for everyone so non-technical & technical users can easily operate it. If you have any doubt or confusion then you can download the program and export 10-25 emails from PST file to IBM Verse cloud account at free of cost. Therefore, you are eligible to know how to transfer PST file to IBM Verse cloud account for free.