Is Microsoft 365 Email Secure to Access? Distinguish Realty

Jyoti Sharma | technology | 5 minutes read | Modified on: 10-12-2022

Follow the article if you would like to know – “Is Microsoft 365 Email Secure, Is Office 365 Secure to access?” We have explained to edify users about the safety of Microsoft Office 365 package & other crucial measures that must be followed by users to ensure security of important hosts on the cloud.

Microsoft 365 is the foremost cloud supported service in all over the world and introduced by the Microsoft team. If we suppose general statistics, almost all organizations are already handling O365 or thinking about switching to it. Getting to account the continuing inclination of current years, it can be held that O365 will grow.

It is probable that the company also has access to Microsoft 365 or is thinking of transferring to O365. As per the need of multiple companies, M365 provides individual plans having different succession of apps. Moreover, one app is general in O365 plans & that is Microsoft 365 mail service (MS Outlook on the web – OWA).

Mail is a general way to keep in touch with entire employees of a company. Therefore, the reputation of its use doesn’t require more description. But the query remains, is Microsoft 365 email secure? Anyone might search the query odd since Microsoft 365 mail is a cloud supported service. But make sure that online terrorizations have become so general these days that even the web cloud is not secure. In this write up, we will explain about its answer. Therefore, stay on the blog and continue further-  

What are the reasons of Susceptibility of Microsoft Office 365 Mail?

We want to confirm to our clients that O365 email service is not free of safety threats. Microsoft 365 mail data loss is a truth & users need to accept this fact. In the starting, let’s focus on the causes of why we cannot claim MS O365 mail to be absolutely safe.

External Attacks – There may be multiple attacks on our web database but more that 75% of online attacks are held by mails. These mails are supported by individual web cloud-based mail services – Microsoft O365 mail. Entire prior ransomware attacks with Microsoft 365 accounts; Therefore, don’t think that Office 365 email is secure & safe against ransomware. However, Microsoft is still not capable of finding & avoiding zero-day and advanced threats. Entire these facts created O365 mail vulnerable to other third-party threats of individual categories.

Sudden Accidental Data Loss – Asides from mentioned threats, mail exchanges by Microsoft 365 can achieve data lost in other ways. Sudden accidental data deletion is another one of the major causes that harms safety of Office 365. Although the batch number of unneeded mails have been deleted, it is probable that users may end up removing crucial mail messages also by fault. If the removal is noticed within time of data retention, then mails can be regained from the deleted items mailbox. Otherwise, it may get lost forever and users will not get it in the future.

Internal Threats – Internal terrorizations are fact! In any company, clients can turn antagonistic & therefore raise the intentional deletion of commercial critical mails. The recent data retention policy of Microsoft team for O365 doesn’t provide any other protection against intentional data considered & removal in the same process as other deleted data. Therefore, if deleted mail is not recovered within the created time frame, companies will lose the data for virtuous & may face extreme penalties.

Is Microsoft 365 Email Secure to Access – Functions to Ensure Safety

If your company handles Office 365 & is thinking of moving to it, users should go for it. We will not advise blog readers to opt for Microsoft 365. Slightly, we recommend that users should take initiative to save their Microsoft 365 mail data. Like other mail app data, backup of Microsoft Office 365 mails is an ideal process to save data from unforeseen accidents. Having regular backup of entire Microsoft Office 365 user profile mailboxes will save users time during man-made & natural threats.

Smart Way to Deal with Is Office 365 Secure to access

Now you know about the importance of Microsoft Office 365 mail backup, users should be wondering about the process to perform the backup of MS 365. For users assistance in this topic, we would like to recommend the BitVare Software’ Email backup software. This solution can help to backup the entire mails data of Office 365 account with all information.

Using the software, backup of O365 mails can be saved on your local device / other external memory storage. It also provides filters that help to save specified data files of Office 365 account data. You can securely backup Office 365 emails to PST, PDF, EML, MBOX, Gmail, Exchange Server, IMAP supported apps,, Yahoo Mail, etc. Download the program and backup O365 data according to your need. To know how to backup Office 365 emails, Download the program and follow the given steps –

  • After downloading the program, install and launch it on your desktop screen.
  • Select Office 365 as your source app from the given webmail apps of the software’ left side screen.
  • Provide login credentials of O365 account and click on Login button.
  • Then it loads all your Office 365 data, you can also mark or unmark on the file for backup. 
  • Now choose the backup option in which you want to save your O365 data format or webmail app. You can also apply filters for specific data backup. Click on the backup button to start the backup process.
  • Software working will start and also display with a green progress bar. It will complete with a successful note.

After completing the backup process you can check it and now your Office 365 data is absolutely safe. For checking the process, you can download a free demo and backup your 25 Microsoft 365 emails account directly for free.


Now the solution of the query – Is Microsoft 365 email secure to use, Is Office 365 email secure to access? Despite being the leading office productivity package, the mail service of MS Office 365 is not 100% safe or fool proof. Cyber-attacks, similarly intentional or by mistake data deletion, occur as grave terrorizations to the safety of mail exchanges by O365 Outlook. To create the mail safe & secure, the above explained tool is a good choice for O365 users. Using the software, entire Microsoft 365 data can be backed up to keep safe & secure against disasters and hazards.