How To Import Thunderbird Email To Thunderbird?

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Let’s discuss the topic “how to import Thunderbird email to Thunderbird?” Is it seriously possible or do we need to use something else to execute the task, this kind of query must be hitting your mind. As we know that Thunderbird, is a popular email client of the Mozilla group, so many clients are using Mozilla Thunderbird for mailing purposes. It saves its default emails as .MBOX format. So you are definitely in need of a process that guides you to import MBOX (Thunderbird email format) into your Thunderbird profile directly.

People Common Queries –

1.“I have exported few MBOX files from my default email client Thunderbird few years back file size was 16.5GB, but now just want to import on the same location. Is it possible to import exported Mozilla Thunderbird emails to Thunderbird profile?”– David Adward

2.“Due to some serious issue of my old machine, I have formatted my machine but before that I have exported emails from my stored Thunderbird profile. Can I import old Thunderbird emails to newly installed Thunderbird location, which is installed in my new machine? If yes, then can you suggest me the process? Thank you”– Mark Graham

Let’s find out the location of MBOX files – How to locate MBOX files?

Kindly go with the below process to find out the default *.MBOX file location, for Windows OS, Win 7 versions, and above.

  • Search for %APPDATA% in the start menu of your machine.
  • Now, click on the search result in the Roaming folder.
  • In the Roaming window, now search for your MBOX-based e-mail client (Mozilla Thunderbird) folder and double-click on it.
  • Select and click on the Profiles folder of the Mozilla Thunderbird email client to open it.

After that, you got the default profile folder containing your mailbox MBOX file.

The direct path is also available, let’s focus –

Windows: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\\

Or, in the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client, go to the Local Folders and click on the Settings option. After that find the Thunderbird MBOX file in the local directory.

Tips for UNIX and Linux Operating Systems, ~/.thunderbird// is the default file location for MBOX.

For Mac OS location, the default path of the mailbox MBOX file is
~Library/Thunderbird (MBOX e-mail client)/Profiles/sample.

Methods to Import MBOX Files –

Both manual and professional method is available, which ease the task of importing MBOX files into Thunderbird as mailboxes, we must choose the feasible method with email data safety kept in mind. Let’s discuss this in short

1 – Manual Approach to Import MBOX Files

This approach helps you to import MBOX files into Thunderbird by simply downloading ImportExport.xpi plugin, download the plugin from here

After completing the downloading process of ImportExport tool, follow the following steps to install the plugin on the Thunderbird profile.

  • Firstly, open the Thunderbird email client on your machine.
  • Go to Menu, go to the Tools option, and select the Extension tab
  • Select the plugin file (.xpi), and install it now.
  • After installing the ImportExport.xpi, restart your email client (Mozilla Thunderbird).
  • Now, open Thunderbird and start importing MBOX files
  • Simply click on the ImportExport tool option. Next, the dropdown menu will open. Go with the import MBOX file “import directly one or more MBOX files” selected option is there by default. Click on the “OK” button.
  • Browse the saved MBOX file and click on the OK button

Here the Importing process will begin, after the complete process, you can view or access your MBOX emails.

2 – Fully Automated Method To Import Thunderbird Emails –

Let’s begin with a smart and reliable process to import Thunderbird emails back to the Thunderbird profile. Simply use the email Converter for MBOX. This application is simply designed with a Do-It-Yourself interface to help users to import MBOX files to Thunderbird profiles by keeping complete email data safe. MBOX File Converter program is the easiest and safest approach to import Thunderbird email (.MBOX) to the Thunderbird environment, it keeps complete email file details such as; Meta Properties (To, Cc, Message Subject, etc) and also includes other email attributes and attachment files (supports all file formats) too.

Download MBOX Converter Free – Windows / Mac OS

Follow simple steps, just Like; 1-2-3

  • Open the webpage ( on the browser. Click on the download button to start downloading, and install the BitVare for MBOX tool.
  • Click on “Add files” or “Add folders” or Click on the Open Tab to “Choose File” or “Choose Folder” option, it helps you to select the saved MBOX file
  • After the complete loading, click on the “Export” Tab, and select Thunderbird from Desktop Email Clients section.
  • The Thunderbird Export option will open, here you have to select the path accordingly using the Change button, and click on the “Save” option to complete the import MBOX file process.

A window will open which shows you the imported MBOX folder, now open the Thunderbird email client to view or open your imported files easily.

We have discussed above, the Manual and Automated approach to import Thunderbird emails back, now it’s choosing the best option is upon you completely. We must refer you to use the third-party MBOX Converter program which completely helps you to import MBOX files to the Thunderbird environment with complete data safety and minimize your time to import any file size (batch mbox file import option), so good luck.

Time for Closure –

Converter for MBOX file, the tool came up with so many advanced and useful features. It helps you to simplify the task of finding out How To Import Thunderbird Email To Thunderbird? including complete MBOX file attributes and attachments. It completely works as MBOX Email Examiner too as it supports E-mail Forensic users, helps to collect e-Evidence for litigation use, suitable tool for Govt. Officials too. Download the free MBOX Converter, it supports knowing software functionality closely and converts 20+ files at a time.