How to Import Horde Webmail to Office 365

Mike Lucanc | software technology | 3 minutes read | Modified on: 15-09-2022

Day by day we more become business professionals, we all rely on our email clients for communication with clients, assignments, and other activities. As our work grows, the volume of mailing grows as well. And very soon we find ourselves struggling to keep up with the flood of messages. Understand why and How to Import Horde Webmail to Office 365.

I am sure you have heard a lot about Office 365 and how it can guide you in manage growing your business. But there is one thing that could hold you back. How to Import Horde Webmail to Office 365 or how to transfer Horde Mails to Office 365. It seems like a huge task and not sure where to begin.

How to Import Horde Webmail to Office 365

To import emails from Horde Webmail to Office 365 Account, we have put up two methods for using Horde Webmail. It is not only wise for Horde Data Migration but even you must backup Horde Webmail emails to the external hard drive/locally and others for cautionary measures. Here are the steps for Horde Webmail.

#1 – Import Horde Webmail to Office 365 in MBOX format

Follow the mentioned steps

  • Open and sign-In to the Horde Webmail account
  • Horde Webmail comes up with all your mails
  • Right-click on the folder in which you want to export
  • Now from the provided options click on the Export
  • Select the MBOX files Zip option, Click on OK

This will export Horde Mails as MBOX format, now you can migrate Horde Webmail to Office 365 using BitVare MBOX to Office 365 Tool.

#2 Horde Webmail MBOX to Office 365 Migration

As above you exported your Horde Webmail emails into MBOX format, we are looking forward to adding value by helping with Horde MBOX to Office 365 migration desires. For the need of this advanced Horde Webmail to Office 365 migration, give a shot to BitVare MBOX Converter.

This tool can maintain the folder structure and original formatting of email data while the data migration process and even you can perform Apple Mail migration to Outlook. The software has multiple advanced options like naming options, data filters by date, size, etc, and the ability to preview files before the migration.

Download the Free Horde Webmail to Office 365 Migrator Tool

You can download the free trial version of Horde Webmail to Office 365 Migrator tool to check out its features and working process. This exactly works as an activated version and let you migrate the first 20 emails from each MBOX mailbox file to Office 365 use account along with accurate email formatting and attachments.

Also, this tool is also available for free to try and make it possible to run and test its process and features. It provides you safe and secure migration process without any errors and makes MBOX to Office 365 migration process effortlessly.

Steps to Migrate Horde Webmail to Office 365

  • Add Horde MBOX File into the software interface
  • Check and preview the emails
  • Select Office 365 from the provided list
  • Add the details of your Office 365 like email address, password, and Hot server details
  • Now click on connect to import MBOX data into Office 365 directly.

Last Words

If you are looking for an easier way to migrate emails from Horde Webmail to Office 365, then here are the perfect solutions. We suggest exporting Horde emails to the MBOX file and then importing MBOX to Office 365 account. Moreover, our perfect Horde Webmail to Office 365 migration tool can help easy data migration from MBOX to Office 365 in a few clicks. Do not spend time struggling with complicated advice, trying to work out how to migrate MBOX data to Office 365. Our software can look out for the whole thing for you. Try it now!