How to Convert PST to EML File / EMLx on Mac & Windows – Complete Guide

Jyoti Sharma | how to software | 5 minutes read | Modified on: 23-09-2022

Are you having PST file and need to Convert PST to EML / EMLx on Mac & Windows OS? Then BitVare Software blog is here to resolve how to convert PST to EML file & EMLx format problem and help to save PST files to EML / EMLx format effectively.

PST (Personal Storage Table) is database file format of MS Outlook for Windows & known for saving all user data of Outlook contacts, mails, notes, tasks, calendar, journals, etc. Sometimes, people face a situation where they need to upload PST to EML / EMLx format. But because of the incompatibility with EML & EMLx format. They are unable to access PST file to EML format. On the other side, if users have need to view PST file data on Mac system they are also not capable to do this task. To solve the challenge, people have to use EMLx extension that is absolutely supported by Mac OS & for that the migration of PST emails is very necessary.

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How to Convert PST to EMLx/ EML File in Simple Steps

To convert PST to EML / EMLx, there is no direct solution available; because of the incompatibility of the file formats (PST is the complete data file format while EML & EMLx is single mail format.) At this time, BitVare Software has launched PST Converter software for Mac & Windows both OS. Therefore, you are eligible to smoothly convert PST file to EML & EMLx format in Mac & Windows OS. The tool supports effortless steps to perform PST to EMLx / EML process. Therefore, non-technical & technical users can also operate it without any error. By using the software, you can get batch & selective mails conversion of PST file without worrying about any data loss.

Moreover, Outlook installation is not required for executing the process; by only PST file, you can execute the migration and save emails from PST to EMLx / EML format. The error-free solution makes the migration very simple. Using its two selecting options, you can save PST file or folder as per your requirement; that users need to move in EML / EMLx. Even users have no need of expertise’s assistance to operate the migration tool for migrating PST to EMLx / EML.

How to Convert PST to EML / EMLx – Complete Guide

The PST to EML Tool has efficiency to simply work and provide assured migration outcome. Firstly, Download the software for Mac & Windows; according to your need and try to know how to convert PST files for free –

  • After downloading & installing the tool, launch it on your computer screen.
  • Select PST files by provided two options Add files & Add Folder. (in Windows OS, it directly locates data from configured Outlook account by Outlook account option.)
  • It display data in list with checkbox, unmark & mark on the file for selection of database file.
  • Choose EMLx or EML, destination path and other option according to your need Click on Export button.
  • Migration begins and display with green progress status.
  • It completes with completed successfully message.

Note – After completion of the process, check your result of EMLx, EML file and import in any supported mail app. In Windows OS, you can also view PST file data in multiple modes; also saves attachments, mail address, phone numbers, contact photos on your local system. It helps to analyse data without Outlook installation.

Why Choose PST to EMLx / EML Tool

No doubt that the BitVare launched the PST to EML tool after well-observing & developing of the users’ demand; so it has entire beneficial functionalities that fulfil users all requirement, for PST to EML & PST to EMLx migration without any issue. Its some advanced benefits are below that help to understand why it is better choice for us –

  • Batch Approach for Rapid Migration – The PST to EMLx tool is a remarkable solution that has bulk function to convert multiple PST files to EML / EMLx in one round processing and it can save users’ time from one-by-one processing.
  • Option to Save EMLx / EML file at your desired location – The PST to EML tool has capability to save PST files to EMLx & EML format at your desired location. So, no confusion to find the output files data after migration. It will save on your desired selected location.
  • Workable on Outlook all Edition PST file – The tool is developed with all beneficial functions. It is compatible with all types PST file of Outlook edition – 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007. It also supports UNICODE & ANSI PST file without any issue.
  • Keeps all Data Integrity – The PST to EML tool convert PST files to EML with all data details – metadata, formatting, attachments, images, hyperlinks, etc. so after migration, achieve all data without any change.
  • Compatibility in Mac & Windows OS – Today, users are using Mac & Windows both OS so BitVare launched the software for both OS. Therefore, you can save PST file to EML in all Windows OS – 11, 10, 8.0, etc and PST to EMLx in all Mac OS – Big Sur, Monterey, Catalina, etc.
  • Multiple File Naming Options – The PST migration to EML & EMLx tool is trustworthy app and has lots of advanced option. File Naming option is one of them; it has multiple options – from+ subject+ date, date+ from+ subject, from+ date+ subject, etc. Therefore, you can select any one file naming option which suits you for PST to EML / EMLx migration.
  • Free demo Facility – No doubt that the Software has multiple beneficial options and free trial is one of them; after downloading & installing the software, it allows converting 25 emails from PST file to EMLx or EML at free of cost. Therefore, you can check outs its working efficiency to know how to convert PST to EML file.
  • Simple Graphical User Interface – We know that everyone doesn’t have technical skills; even some users are not having technical skills so it is created with very simple GUI so anyone can easily operate it without any error.


This article has described the simplest solution to convert PST to EML file format. Using it, users can add unlimited emails data of PST file to EML / EMLx format. It is powerful program that supports PST file to all EML, EMLx supported apps. PST to EML Converter for Mac & Windows, a expertise recommended solution; to migrate PST to EML & PST to EMLx without misplacing any data details. Still, have doubt or query; then download the solution and clear all doubts regarding how to convert PST to EMLx & EML format.